• Why would anybody say no?

    Being different is a part of life. What's wrong with being a man or woman? Everybody was born differently. Nobody can really control their gender so just be happy with being who you are. Besides, wouldn't the world be so much more better if everybody lived on peace and harmony?

  • Gender hating is discrimination.

    Gender hating is not just wrong, I belive that it is discrimination to all. I mean lets look at the advanced world where women and men both can do same jobs. Some jobs require only men do to its nature but for that reason we can not say that women can't do the same jobs. Women are just as qualified to jobs these.

  • Definitely a Yes

    It is wrong to believe someone is inferior to you based on their gender. This is similar to how it is illogical to judge someone based on their skin color or their religious preferences. One cannot base a thought about another person only knowing what's on the outside. Women have done amazing things for this country and we shouldn't be stopped from it either.

  • Because women are better at being inferior

    This is just the fact of life. Men would suck at being inferior to women, we are inferior at being inferior. This is the super equation of life that has made women so sexy and men so ugly and just dumb, brutal gender obsessed with sex and logic whilst women are just having fun and getting pregnant at teenage years because they are superwomen.

  • In my humble opinion

    I don't see any reason to treat men and women differently for being men or women and would look down on and probably try to avoid hiring or doing business with people who see this position differently.

    In the end this is just my personal opinion. There is nothing objective or transcendent that makes gender hating and superiority wrong. Morality is only the outcome of repeated social interactions, of communications about what should be and how, and the actions people take to enable or disable certain moral realities.

  • I think it is

    I've heard a lot of people say either men are better than women or women are better than men. I've even heard people called men or women inferior, filthy, disgusting, dumb, etc. It has bothered me so much I had to write this up. Both genders were made to support each other, and this happened to every other 2 gender animal. So no more saying that men are better than women or vice versa, so long as 2 genders roam the earth, there will be no sexism, since there are always things to take offense to that. Because by stating your hate, you are hating half the world, and I dont think half the world wants to hate YOU in particular.

  • It's perfectly okay.

    Provided you do not act on it, you can think whatever you want. Prejudice is free; discrimination has costs. For example, John Q. Example strongly dislikes Group A. Where he lives and works has a large concentration of Group A. Were he to act out against Group A at his workplace, he would be slapped down so hard it wouldn't even be funny, due to lost revenue. If he complains about Group A in the privacy of his home, that's his right to do so.

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