Is gender ID supported by objective facts and reason?

Asked by: jusfacts
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  • Ask liberal gender ID proponents to define anything sex or gender related and the trouble begins

    You really can't hold gender ID proponents accountable. Let's break it down. They say A equals B but they can't give a (clear) definition of A or B so we can assess their claims, But we must accept it.

    So I'm trying to determine using reason how a "thinking" gender ID proponent could possibly come to a conclusion that a transgender woman is a woman, Even using their own definitions. Even this seems to be an impossible task. How are they defining "woman", I. E. , What does it take to be a woman. Is "woman" different from "man"?

    So far, All I got is that you are what you say you feel. Then, Is gender reserved only for humans? What about the other animals? Dogs, Cats (assuming they are different from dogs)?

    So 2 questions:

    1. How do you define female that happens to be a human?
    2. How do you define female that happens to be a cat?

    Is female the same across the board?

    These simple questions could spell trouble for the ideology. But don't feel sorry for them, They will try to keep redefining terms or make it more offensive to ask such questions.

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