• Male Dominance is Still Present

    The mere fact that women make only 77 cents for every $1 a man makes shows the lingering presence of gender inequality in the US. Salaries should be based on quality of work and the person, not their gender. It is absolutely BEYOND me how a woman could be working twice as hard as a man but would still not make as much as him. Until this gets fixed, I don't understand how this nation could be seen as gender-inequality-free.

  • Of course! It's just very, VERY different than what you think

    There are many problems, they just aren't the ones you think. Often trying to rid us of sexism, we have gone too far in the other direction, or we just ignore it. In many cases, women are not put in positions of power as in many cases as men are. But, women do NOT earn less than men. People misunderstand the gender pay gap. When all men's pay is averaged, and all women's pay is averaged women earn 77 cents for every man's dollar. But, if a man and a women with equal education, experience, and references were to apply for the SAME job, women actually ear 1.02 for every mans dollar. I know, surprising right? Also, women only clubs are fine, but a man only club is "sexist". Gender is still an issue in America, going both ways, and it needs to be fixed.

  • Gender Inequality Still an Issue in America

    Yes, gender inequality is still an issue in the United States of America. There is still a "glass ceiling" in which women are given positions such as CEO far less than are men. On the other side, men are still not granted paternity leave for a child's birth. Both are examples of gender inequality.

  • Women vs. Men

    People believe that men are the only ones capable of doing the heavy lifting and grunt work. People expect the girls and women to stay back and stick to the housework and frilly jobs. Women are regarded at a lower level than men, and it truly surprises people when women are capable of doing 'men's jobs'.

  • Gender Inequality All Around

    There are still many examples of gender inequality. Some Examples: Law abiding, loving fathers are less likely to receive custody of their children. Men on average serve more prison time than women for THE SAME CRIMES. Men typically are the ones who have to pay child support payments regardless of the wife's income. Society expects a certain behavior from men and men who do not exhibit this behavior are often deemed unworthy. Women often receive less payment for the same work done. Women are often the victims on domestic abuse cases. Gender inequality is real but women are not the only victims here. Its time to WAKE UP.

  • Job Payment Inequality

    When a woman has a job she is paid a certain amount, then she leaves and a man replaces her. He is paid at least a third more. I have had experience with this. I had a job and then gave it to a male friend of mine, they paid him around 50-60$s more.

  • Hello! Yes, it is still a problem!

    Today, women are less likely to get a job, if they are in competition with men. Today, women are paid less than men, and they are mostly the ones who need the money. Single moms are in need of money, not only for themselves, but their children. You wonder why schools lack Men teachers; its because men are getting the higher paying jobs, where women have to pick up the slack.

  • obviously we are not yet equal

    Women are still being subjected to domestic violence and sex trafficking even in the us. Women in the work place are not able to work and be a mother with the laws in america and women are still being paid less then men and are having a harder time getting into good colleges because more females apply.

  • Women are targeted in crimes and feminine qualities, like compassion and visible displays of emotion, are considered weak.

    At bars, men target women for date rape and rape in general. Men who show emotions by crying or other methods are often considered weak or girly. Anything feminine is something that, if a man does it, automatically makes him an outcast (such as knitting and housework.) Although this view is slowly changing, women are required to assume masculine qualities in order to achieve any equal level of success.

  • Yes, we need equality .

    Men outnumber women at a rate of 73% vs. 27% in all sectors of employment for science and engineering as of 2009. No state has ever achieved federal or state judgeships gender equality. Women held only 23% of all federal judgeships and only 27% of state judgeships in the year 2010.

  • Nope, not a problem

    Women aren't meant to be in the work force. They are meant to be a housewife. That their job is to take care of the family and house. Not to be bringing home the "Bacon". It has been a waste of tax payers money trying to fix equality in America. That women should have no say or take part in anything that the male population says that women shouldn't take part of.

  • The problems stated are overinflated

    Although the accusation that women make $0.77 for every man's $1 is true, key facts are missing from this accusation. A key part is the fact that five highest paying specialization's, are dominated by males, except for one. Petroleum Engineering (over 80%), Aerospace Engineering (over 85%), Chemical Engineers (70%), and Math/computer science (over 60%). The only one that has more females (55%) is pharmacist's. While on the other hand, women choose some of the lowest paying college majors: Psychology (almost 75%), Early Education (95%), Human Services (almost (80%), Social Workers (90%), while males only dominate one of the five lowest; Theology (65%). This doesn't even begin to explain the other lower jobs many choose to work such as: being a nurse when many have the potential to be a doctor, being the assistant instead of striving to be the boss.

    Another point is the fact that the wage scale for the same job isn't mentioned. Male vs. Female High School Teachers collect the same average: $42.000. Although Male nurses get about 10% more than female, they are much rarer and needed in cases where gender is an issue. The biggest point though, is that Stay-At-Home-Mom's also effect the pay scale. Making up a large part of Americans (about 20%) making $0 and relying on someone else to pay for survival.

    Now for the good stuff. Young women 22-30 years old, who are childless, out earn childless men by 8%. The average man spends about 14% more time at work, and are nine times more likely to die there (hard labor jobs, stressful jobs ect.) And the biggest part: Men worked 146,332 million hours in 2009, while women worked 111,782 million hours. 111,782 is 76% of 146,322.

    Contributing in the ideas just presented, the gap is only about 6%, and is almost optimal for the workplace.

  • Why make it gender based

    Life is crappy. This is just a fact. Its hard, its boring, and its incredibly bias. And this is the same for everyone. Antifeminism was an issue in the 1950's. So we combatted it. As women gained their rights, they were able to make the world fairer at a greater rate. So now, the world is fair. Life sucks in different ways for both genders, but as you can see, gender is only brought up in cases involving women. Why is this? Because we naturally feel the need to protect women. So true "equalitism" involves leaving gender out of it and solving the worlds problems one at a time

  • We should strive for equality in OPPORTUNITY, not quality in results.

    Women have just as much opportunity as men these days and if you don't land yourself whatever career you are dreaming about it is really no one's fault but your own. 1920 was 80 years ago, stop looking for things to blame your lack of success on and go out and make a difference. Didn't get hired? Start a god damn company of your own then!

  • TIme to look at the truth

    Women don't want equality they want superior benefits at the expense of men and children. To achieve these advantages, they have spent hugh amounts of money and time to corrupt the legislature. Women now have advantages in the work place unheard of in any other nation. Don't think so? Research the number of women on scholarship in college vs. men. Research the number of women employed vs. men. Research the benefits consumed by women vs. men. Compare the harshness of women vs. men for the same crimes. Women have gone overboard. To reach equality, women have to be stripped of some of their perks.

  • Not a Problem

    First off, I am a woman. And I don't hate myself.
    And it has been stated by other people here that women CHOSE to study "soft/low paying career" subjects like Elementary Education (91%), and Literature (67% female) (https://www.Statista.Com/statistics/225674/most-popular-college-majors-in-the-united-states-by-gender/). More over, a lot of women CHOSE to stay at home and raise their children (like I did). These are choices which will limit earning potential.
    And it would make more business sense to just hire women if women were generally paid less than men. Companies could save a whole heck of a lot.

  • Plot twist, I’m a girl.

    Men and women are equal. There always will be the few amount of guys that treat us women like trash, but that doesn’t mean we are unequal. There are women who are just as guilty of treating men like trash. So there shouldn’t be an argument. All the laws are set to treat both men and women equally. It’s not a government issue anymore it’s just a moral issue and a lot of people hate for stupid reasons and they have to be taught and helped, not standing outside in the street and protesting with signs. By the way there’s no wage gap it’s just all based on hours and the variation employment. If that was the case, wouldn’t men hire more women so they wouldn’t have to pay them as much. It’s clearly not the case.

  • There Is Clearly A Problem

    The way that we will fix this problem is by dabbing on the haters my dude. Jake paul is my god. Its every day bro with the disney channel flow, 5 mil on youtube in 6 months, never done before. Hey im nick crompton and no i'm not from compton, england is my city and my collar's always poppin.

  • Nope, not an issue

    There is only an issue, if someone wants to create an issue. If a female wants to become a scientist, she can. There are plenty of government programs that help households. If you want something hard enough, you will go out and get it. Gender equality is an issue in other parts of the world.

  • Nope, not an issue

    There is only an issue, if someone wants to create an issue. If a female wants to become a scientist, she can. There are plenty of government programs that help households. If you want something hard enough, you will go out and get it. Gender equality is an issue in other parts of the world.

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