• Yes it is

    Yes, there have been a lot of science studies done to test this modified food and to see if it is actually safe or not, and there has not been any problems to be shown that can come from eating this food, it is not going to hurt any person.

  • Ew no wtf who voted yes?

    GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS that itself does not even sound natural or normal. Honestly that shit is nasty as fuck who's bright idea was it to make fake unhealthy "food" then sell it to people and say it is safe. I would not wan to eat a fruit they had to spray with a GAS MASK on. Hell no im out. Gotta blast!

  • No, We don't know the affects on the human body after long term use.

    No, I do not think genetically modified food if safe. I feel that anything being done with our foods will have a harmful affect on our bodies. Especially because preparing meals uses many different ingredients. Which leads to large consumption of the chemicals used. Anything with chemicals is harmful to us and damages our health.

  • modified food safe

    I personally disagree,Genetically modified food has quietly become second nature in the U.S., and it may surprise you just how many foods you are eating that you never knew contained a genetically modified ingredient.
    Experts say 60% to 70% of processed foods on U.S. grocery shelves have genetically modified ingredients. The most common genetically modified foods are soybeans, maize, cotton, and rapeseed oil. That means many foods made in the U.S. containing field corn or high-fructose corn syrup, such as many breakfast cereals, snack foods, and the last soda you drank; foods made with soybeans (including some baby foods); and foods made with cottonseed and canola oils could likely have genetically modified ingredients. These ingredients appear frequently in animal feed as well.

  • No: Genetically Modified Food is Not Safe

    There have been numerous studies linking genetically modified food to things like organ damage, cancer, and reduced life spans in rats. Of course the industry will try to dismiss these studies, but they have a vested interest in protecting profits. Aside from damning investigations into GMO's, the fact is that Monsanto has stated that it wants the world's food supply to be entirely genetically engineered. In other words, through intellectual property rights, they want to own the entire food supply. From a company that has viciously gone after small farmers in order to bankrupt them, this is the opposite of safe.

  • No, genetically modified food is unsafe to eat.

    No, genetically modified foods cause very serious illnesses. Morgellons disease, which causes the sensation of being bitten or stung repeatedly, is linked to genetically modified foods. Some researchers have announced that infertility and even birth defects can be traced back to the consumption of genetically modified foods like soy and corn.

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