• Gentrification is bad

    Gentrification takes a community that has worked hard to build it up and care for it, and removes all the people that worked so hard to get it there. The soul of a city is then removed by replacing a surf/craft shop that is run by and caters to local surfers, and replaces it with a Starbucks. While they make a good coffee, they have taken away what may have been a cultural landmark.

  • Gentrification Has A Negative Impact

    Gentrification has a negative impact on communities. Making a place more desirable for young, white hipsters may seem like a good idea, however in the process of this communities are destroyed. By building up businesses and putting in luxury condos the cost of living goes up and forces families who have been residents of neighborhoods for generations out.

  • Gentrification is disagreeable

    Gentrification displace former residents and strips cities of their unique culture or tradition. It causes more problems than solution. Thousands losing their homes and jobs is not a solution. Gentrification targets a certain group of civilians mostly black and people with a low income. I rather live in a bad community that is broken down with a roof over my head than watch my neighborhood be renovated and reconstructed into a white community. You can always fix up and do more for your community so it can look better without putting people out on the streets.

  • Gentrification kinda sucks

    Gentrification kinda sucks because people get forced out of their homes just so rich folks can move in. This destroys people's lives and homes, And often times, Rent is too expensive for the original residents to move back in. So in short, Yeah, Gentrification kinda sucks. A a a a

  • Gentrification needs to be under control. . .

    Gentrification causes people with less money to lose their homes. It brings in rich (white) people who build complexes and monopolize cities/neighborhoods. I lived in NY, It's losing it's culture and becoming a place for rich people, I've seen it first-hand. Gentrification is pushing people out of their homes and pulling others in.

  • Gentrification is bad!

    I lived in NY for 9 years. Our apartment was already expensive and one day we got a call telling us that our apartment was getting renovated and that we would have to pay the insane, Unaffordable rent, Or move. I ended up moving to North Carolina. Now, 2 years after I moved, Rent is being raised here, Complexes are being built and rent is being raised. Gentrification is horrible, And needs to stop.

  • Exploiting Low-Income Families

    On paper, Gentrification is great for a developing city. It gives the rougher part of town a makeover and makes the city more appealing to people moving there. In reality, Developers renovate these parts of town to disperse the "crime ridden" inhabitants, So they can make room for richer clientele. Many families have lived in these areas for generations. The upper class comes in and raises the cost of living. Residents have no choice but to leave their homes without consent. All in all, Gentrification focuses on the economical side of development but blatantly ignores the ethical side of equality to all.

  • It cleans up cities

    Gentrification is a great thing as it allows cities to bring back business and affluent residents. The cost is also really low for the community because all that is lost is former residents who couldn't care for the community. It is great to see parts of Detroit and DC flourishing.

  • Gentrification is bad!!!!

    Forcing removal of the poor people, people loosing their homes, taking the culture and creativity out of neighborhoods. How can gentrification not be seen as a bad thing? Have you ever wondered why people loose their houses for no reason? The answer is because of gentrification. Gentrification is for sure a bad thing.

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  • Pluses outweigh minuses for the whole community

    There is an idea that gentrificication is bad because property values increase, Taxes increase, Cost of goods and services increase, And often, People are displaced from homes that they've lived in.

    This notion fails to take into account personal responsibility. From what I've witnessed within DC, The people that suffer from gentrification have failed to succeed. Some have rented the same home for 20+ years. Now, The value of the home has increased and the owner either wants increased rent or wishes to sell the home at a profit. It's your responsibility to provide shelter for yourself. You should have gotten an education, A well paying job, And set yourself to the task of buying a house at some point in your life. Instead, You will be looking for another place to stay and may find it easer to blame "gentrification" for your problems. "But they're poor! " is what I've heard. So what? They could have gotten a High School diploma, A GED, Applied for scholarships, Enlisted in the Armed Services, Used the GI Bill, Applied for Apprenticeships, Or done any other of a number of things that formerly poor but currently successful people have done. You know, The kind of people who become land owners and don't often find themselves without a home.

    Change is inevitable. At one point people (mostly whites) in Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, DC, Etc did not like the changes in their neighborhoods from being homogeneous to mixed. Whether it was predominantly German areas getting an influx of Irish, Italian areas becoming Slovak, Or White areas receiving Blacks it was met with disdain. Often people left the neighborhoods when the changes became "unbearable". In the case of major cities we saw "White flight". "White Flight" has often been blamed for the ills that befell a city. The tax base fled, Civil struture erroded, Schools diminished, And quality of life suffered. Were those who left the ones to blame for the problems that befell Baltimore, DC, Detroit, Or parts of Philly? If so, How can the return of those same types of people also be a bad thing? If the tax base leaving was bad then the tax base returning should be good. If having businesses / services leave was bad then having businesses and services return should be good.

    There is NO argument that can convince me that gentrification as a whole is bad. Yes, It can negatively impact certain individuals but those individuals had every opportunity to achieve in life. It's their responsibility to make sure that they can live comfortably until their last day. If you were born impoverished and didn't earn a H. S. Diploma, Enlist in the Armed Services, Use the GI Bill, Apprentice in a trade, Or do anything else to be successful that's on you.

  • It really depends, But overall, No

    I don't see anything wrong with buying a house in an old neighborhood and fixing it up to make it worth more. This is a natural process that happens when houses close to the city begin to age with people not taking proper care of them.

    There are often times when the government pumps too much money into an area forcing the gentrification process to accelerate unnaturally. This I usually disagree with.

    I can't really say that refurbishing old houses and improving the value of an area is a bad thing though.

  • Gentrification is the necessary side-effect of progress

    Although it is bad from the perspective of the impoverished (who have to move to other neighborhoods), It is necessary for society to improve as a whole, And since it is more cost-effective to faster develop low-income areas to high-income rather than non-developed to high-income, We must pay these consequences of development

  • It means neighborhoods are improving

    People should want their neighborhoods to improve, And along with that comes increased demand to live in those neighborhoods. It is all supply and demand. People don’t move into this improving neighborhoods with the idea of boxing out the current residents, They see an area getting nicer and decide they want to live there. It makes sense.

  • Gentrification is Super

    Gentrification is good because who wants a dirty place?
    For example, If you lived in a neighborhood, And people were straight up doing the despicable act of graffiti, Wouldn't you want those people locked up in prison for many many years? ! Wouldn't you want to live in an area that you felt completely safe in? Yeah, The answer is no. #STOPGRAFFITTI

  • It's just Evolution

    Change is almost always preferable to stagnation. Was it good the way these communities began in the 60s and 70s? This just looks like a much more positive evolution than what we saw then. It would really be nice if banks allowed those who live there to purchase with almost no money down and VERY low fixed interest rates so everything isn't just bought up by the wealthy to make themselves even more wealthy at the expense of current residents. Give the locals an equal playing field, And when they can work hard to own instead of rent, The pride of ownership will give them more reason to want to see the area be kept beautiful, And made more beautiful. Then when the city steps in to add more police and clean up the railway stations, They can't be accused of bending over backward to help the rich get richer. . . . They will be helping all there who helped themselves as well.

  • Gentrification is a must.

    I support gentrification wholeheartedly as there is no real downside to it. "Oh I'm going to be bringing in more affluent and productive members of society to my city and also drive commerce and make it safer and more palatable to human conditions? What an evil thing. "
    People who complain about gentrification are usually the uncouth dregs of society that do not want to conform to the new norms and actually hamper society by not seeking to better their own active living conditions and have no place in the progressive world.

  • Gentrification is bad

    Gentrification is bad because they tear down the building to make new one and what i would have done is said build our old building back up because what if it does not make any money at all and then what you going to do like you are going to build it back up and i will get and tell your manager to so you can't get away from it.

  • Its to effective at fixing problems to be considered bad.

    At the local level it helps build stable economies. It cleans up crime and makes traveling safer than before. And it makes significant boosts to the way an area looks. All this together makes a location more attractive to people who want to start a life, Or move to a new location bringing in more buyers and overall making a more viable place for people.

  • It makes the communities better

    Okay heres how Gentrification works. You have a place that needs cleaning up, like a hood. You have investors come in and buy the unused homes or even homes that are just unsafe to live in at all and tear them down or renovate them. After that is done not only is the house worth more but the WHOLE neighborhood is worth more! New businesses will pop up in the now well to do neighborhood which means a wealthier community. Are you telling people that it is okay to live in broken homes and bad neighborhoods?

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