• Yes, I think geoengineering is a valuable technology to develop.

    I think overall that geo-engineering can be a very valuable field to research but we have to be very careful that we don't cause substantial damage to the environment while doing do, I think that as long as serious caution is heeded in any action taken that geo-engineering is a a technology that will help us progress in the future.

  • Yes, Geoengineering would be valuable

    I do agree that geoengineering would be a valuable technology we should develop. It would help aid us in finding other ways to support our needs. Since they are predicting us to run out of oil, I believe it would be a good way to either discover more oil, or discover something completely different to help support our economy when it comes to transportation.

  • Yes, geoengineering is a valuable technology worthy of development.

    Geoengineering includes any science that deals with subsurface materials or building. Subway systems are geoengineering. Mining and hydraulic fracture drilling (fracking) are geoengineering. These technologies are already in use today (and have been for many years). We should continue to develop these technologies to increase our efficiency and decrease their environmental impact.

  • Yes, geoengineering is an essential technology

    Right now, geoengineering extracts valuable resources from
    deep underground. It carves out underground caverns that are likely to be
    stable enough to contain dangerous wastes for thousands of years. It shapes our
    interaction with the earth. For the future, geoengineering will create underground
    transportation systems that move people and their goods at far lower costs in
    energy and environmental destruction. Geoengineering will lead us into the

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  • Proceed With Caution

    Geo-engineering apparently comes with a lot of potential risks, for that reason I feel we should proceed with caution. While there is a chance that geo-engineering could be beneficial to us there are also signs that it may cause us more trouble than it's really worth. If the positives don't outweigh the negatives then we certainly shouldn't pursue it.

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