Is George Carlin the greatest comedian of all time?

  • We miss you George! RIP.

    George Carlin also holds the title as the greatest debater of all time in my opinion too, if he wasn't an atheist he could have run for president. There was just something about his style in his performances and books (2 of which I have) that made him so funny. He wasn't the type to sugar-coat or soften things either, which I admire. He was original and talented at comedy, I haven't seen anyone top him as of now.

  • Yes he is

    George Carlin is the # 1 greatest comedian of all time. He had the ability to turn a reasonable, serious argument, into an entire routine that was funny as hell, but had you thinking at the same time. He never apologized for telling the truth. His intelligent comedic style has also inspired other comedians such as Bill Maher, Lewis Black, and Roseanne Barr.

  • I support Jeff Dunham

    Before you go JEFF IS A VENTRILOQUIST! He is also a comedian. I think that he is hilarious to the point of laughing up a spleen. I watch him whenever he's on TV. But (ummm,, dumb?) I have never heard of George Carlin. So this probably helps a bit with my argument,

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