Is George Juergens the type who'd be a Klansman or a crooked cop or even an imperialism (since he's Danish -- the character)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The way he acts, hell yeah

    Being he's Danish, his country was involved in brutal imperialism in Greenland, merciless and they proudly are proud of what they did, and stubbornly defend it. And on the show he's a total arrogant douche. I've known plenty like him too. He's pretty much what blacks mean when they say "white devil."

  • Another troll post by the most notable troll on Debate.Org.

    One cannot be an imperialism, as that word isn't a noun.

    Adam2 continues to break the rules of this site with these troll posts. He then creates or uses old accounts to reinforce his own ignorant troll posts.

    Yesterday, he spent the better part of the afternoon preaching about how I would be prison raped for disagreeing with his ignorant claim that salves in America were not lynched.

    He has an unbridled hatred of Britain and Denmark. He espouses regular homophobic sentiments ( I think to mask his homoerotic desires)

    Generally speaking, he asks loaded questions and lowers the bar of discourse.

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Adam2 says2014-06-17T18:42:10.933
Juergens is a Danish name. I'm sure there were imperialists who had his particular surname.