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  • No, he's just misrepresenting himself.

    George Karl is unemployed as a head coach in the National Basketball Association, and therefore it seems as though he now feels free from the restraints and regulations that have been keeping him quiet for years. Whether are not there are any truths to his claims, he seems to believe what he is selling. And while that doesn't prove sanity, his occasional (be they ever so slight) retracting of statements, attempts to clarify his opinions, and desire to be seen a certain way by the public and his personal former colleagues and peers in the industry, shows a sense of self-awareness that insane individuals often lack.

  • No, he is not.

    He belives that the problems with the basketball team were not his fault and were in fact Darrian Lollards. This does not make him deranged. He believes something that might not be true, but that does not mean he is deranged, just mistaken about who is to blame and why.

  • Deranged is far too strong a word

    George Karl is one of basket balls eccentrics. Over the years he's done and said many things that might raise eyebrows, but to call him deranged is far too strong a word. Come back to me with that one when he's running through the streets and raving as a mad man.

  • No , Karl is puppet used for distractions

    Whoever follows current events such as sports news is allowing for the media to distract attention from serious issues. A coach for a sports team has zero relevance or impact on the greater problems we face as mankind. Our focus should be on whether or not George Karl is contributing to society in any significant way.

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