• 1984 is coming.

    Give it 10 to 20 years and maybe we will have three superstates. China has began it's ambitious military building and aggressive expansion to the east, how long till there becomes an East Asia, Russia has proven that it could easily annex smaller EU countries, if they will it how soon do we get a Eurasia. They are stocking up arms and you just can feel what is to come. American congress vetoed against net neutrality which delimits free content on the internet, everyone is more controlled to top it off we now know that the TSA has been watching everyone. All in all our world is descending into 1984, true democracy is our only hope, that or an alien invasion.

  • Not right now but at the end

    Nothing!Lots of things are in my head but I cannot express it now I'll do ASAP!
    Nothing nothing nothing to say right now...Maybe it differs between societies and where people live
    any way mine seems to makes "1984" come true...Very soon
    very very very near to me...Near my cells (yes!)

  • 1984 is a reality

    We are tracked by our every movement, just think of all the electronic devices we use, we have predictive advertising based on your Internet browsing, you are tracked by the use of phones, bank cards, vehicle registration, cctv etc etc. You are guided from an early age on how you must fit in to society, through education you are pointed in a certain direction of how to behave and fit in. Governments don't like people who are off the radar, but in reality there are not enough of them to worry about, the rest of use are all towing the line.

  • Yes, we are controlled.

    Yes, George Orwell's 1984 is becoming a reality, because people are controlled more than they ever were before. The government increasingly wants to control every aspect of life. The individual person is allowed very little choice, and very little independent thought. This is what George Orwell talked about in 1984, and it is becoming reality.

  • George Orwell’s 1984 Is Pushing For Reality

    The ever-present presence of “Big Brother” is no more readily apparent than as it has been mentioned, in today’s North Korea, among other third world nations. Even within the boundaries of the Continental United States, the growing sense that government is delving deeper and deeper into our personal lives, is becoming more evident each day. As technology improves, and our society as whole continues to lose our own self-respect, government will feel an even greater urgency to control the masses, and with these once considered wonderful advances, this same government will have immediate access to that level of control. We will then press closer and closer to what George Orwell wrote about in his novel 1984, and Big Brother really will be watching every move we make.

  • Yes I believe so.

    I believe that some of it is. If you are a person living in North Korea than I would imagine that it is in some ways living like in the book 1984. Many of the things that are probably going on in NK are like that of 1984 and I believe that the goverment is more strict there.

  • 1984 is here already.

    George Orwell's 1984 has become a reality, but not in the way he anticipated. In his book, the scenario was that we were all going to be under the watchful eye of an oppressive government. In other words, we were all going to live under the constant strain of always being recorded. Well, the oppressive government never happened, but the loss of privacy due to cameras being everywhere has. Even though there technically isn't a "Big Brother", we live in a society that acts as if it existed, except instead of an evil totalitarian government recording our every move and condemning us, it's our peers with their cameras and iPhones taking pictures and video of us in even our most private moments.

  • I do not think so

    Not already but we can see in a close future, but we are not living in a 1984 society, I am sorry but considerate that, now, you are wrong, but ask again in 50 years. In my opinion, actually, the government that is more closer to 1984 is North Korea's government

  • My name is rick harrison and rick harrison thinks that you are completely wrong.

    Rick harrison thinks that you should hop into rick harrison's white windowless van and rick harrison will explain to you why its no longer 1984 rick harrison needs 25 more words 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

  • Really people? Wake up, take a step outside, and smell the fresh free air.

    What is the point of being so paranoid about this book, if you actually read this text in detail you will see an impossible ideal system involving mass control of every aspect of life. To dictate the very thought of people is a extremely small zygote in the pacific ocean.

  • The first rule of 1984 is if you're allowed to compare your govenment to Orwell's, it's nothing like Orwell's.

    'Orwellian' is an incredibly overused adjective. Even North Korea is nowhere near openly advocating a system like the newspeak and constant historical revision of IngSoc. North Korea has not always been at war with America. Meanwhile, systems that genuinely appeared to be heading down an Orwell-lite road elsewhere in the world, like the USSR and fascist dictatorships like Franco's have gone the way of history. Citing 1984 in the modern context is a lazy way to make a slippery slope argument.

  • That's a little extreme

    While we're certainly trending in the wrong direction regarding our liberties and what the government says we can and cannot do, we're a mighty long way from 1984 and it'd take some pretty extreme circumstances for us to end up there. We have too many paranoid people watching every single move the government makes for an Orwellian reality to sneak up on us.

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