• Guilty: Truth carries

    Consider this question: Why is it that "man's law" is constantly being amended and therefore changed? Answer: Man's laws are full of politics and wavering opinions. HOWEVER, God's law is set on the basis of COMMANDMENTS. "Thou Shall Not Kill," "Thou Shall Not Shed Innocent Blood," "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself." Man's laws and his sentencing is deemed shallow in comparison to God's law and judgement. Although I feel that GZ is guilty, I do not wish him the fate of jail. I wish God's grace upon his natural life and soul.

    Lastly, I will add this - there is no such thing as a "kind of truth," either it is or isn't. If GZ is telling the truth regarding his encounter and altercation with TM, then why has his story changed several times and why hasn't he attempted to get on the stand in front of a jury of his peers in an effort to be vindicated. Ask yourself - at which point have you the reader ran from telling a true story or making a true statement. We're talking truth, not a "kind of truth," also known as an opinion. Truth doesn't require wavering versions. Truth can be told over and over again and it doesn't require change. Truth is my name is Marc, spelled with a "c." It's not Mark with a "k" or Marq with a "q." It's not Marcus, just Marc. EVERY time I'm asked my name, I reply "Marc." If I'm asked to spell it, the spelling doesn't change. If I did spell it another way, it's because I'm attempting to deceive someone for some self serving reason. Once again, truth bears constants. Lies bear variables. They vary one version to another, to another, to another, another. The more you tell a lie, the more it changes.

  • HE should've stayed in his VEHICLE!

    We can look at this from any angle and make all sorts of analyses but fact is, if Zimmerman had stayed in his truck, Trayvon would still be alive. The 911 operator clearly told him stay back. His stupidity cost a kid's life. He initiated contact and pulled the trigger, how is he innocent?

  • Zimmerman is NOT Guilty of Murder or any lesser charge.

    Zimmerman is not guilty of murder (any degree) due to lack of evidence. He is also not guilty of manslaughter or any lesser charge for the same reason. There is no reason to doubt his story that he was attacked and used his pistol to defend himself.

    The only thing Zimmerman is guilty of is self-defense and that is not a crime in FL. Lethal force to defend yourself is legal here (thankfully). It is called "Stand Your Ground" although you are not required to--you can run away if you want! It is part of the "Castle Doctrine" law.

    No one is required to "take a beating" before they defend themselves lethally. An assailant coming at you with their fists or any other weapon can be shot if you fear for your life. Of course, if a dead assailant has no evidence of actually attacking you such as skinned knuckles or a weapon, AND the attacked has no evidence of injury from the attacker, you can be assured that the police will be taking a very close look at and may consider a murder or manslaughter charge against you. In Zimmerman's case, there is plenty of evidence supporting his claim, thus he should be acquitted.

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