• Geotargeting in internet marketing can be very effective.

    Yes, the use of geotargeting for internet marketing purposes is rather effective. By using geotargeting, advertisers can easily reach their market segments. Geotargeting can also help businesses to be more profitable by adjusting their prices or offers based on the location of each individual potential consumer. Each region, city and state's residents have their own unique needs.

  • No different than in the old days.

    Yes, geotargeting in internet marketing is effective, because it is not any different than selecting a certain market to display a television ad. Geotargeting allows an advertiser to communicate a message to only those who are likely to be interested or to respond to it. Internet marketing would be very inefficient otherwise.

  • Yes, geotargeting is effective.

    I think that geotargeting is internet marketing effecting. It only makes sense that a person who lives in a certain town or a particular part of the world might be interested in certain things and products. I think that such a marketing strategy can be a very beneficial thing in terms of selling stuff.

  • It is effective.

    I think geotargeting is one of the more effective internet marketing schemes out there. When I see local things pop up on banners, it at least makes me do a double take. Whereas in the past, with other forms of advertisement, I wouldn't even bat an eye at it. So yes, but mildly.

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