• Anyone who works for FOX is a liar.

    Fox is a fixed news network anyone who ever worked or does work for FOX FIXED NEWS is a liar. They pride themselves in it. It is almost like a cult. If you know anyone who watches it regularly they are no longer a normal person. They need some help.

  • He is being paid by the Clinton Foundation!

    Watched him on Fox tonight and he is so full of himself, he should be ashamed . He was an idiot when he had his own show and is a bigger liar now and just wants the money from the Clinton Foundation. Wished he'd go to hell in a handbasket!

  • He Flips? He Flops?

    After the most recent attack in Nice,France, Geraldo shows his true colors after a flip, and FOX news eats every bit of his propaganda. He supports military removal from the ME, then promotes escalation. Is for removal of ISIS territory, or is he supporting an oval turn of the cheek?

  • His record tells it all. Liar liar pants on fire.

    His stories of being under fire in Afghanistan were not embellished they were proven to be pure and outright lies. Fox needs to rid themselves of him. Too much Dem. Blood running through his veins. He follows the Dem. Politician's Leadership way of doing business like Hilary. Had there ever been a bigger liar then this women. Nooooo.

  • I think so.

    I think that Geraldo Rivera is often dishonest and sneaky. He has been found guilty of lying about things or sensationalizing or embellishing stories in the past. Even during the Iraq War, he couldn't resist making things up for a story. He also works for Fox News which doesn't do very well for his credibility.

  • Geraldo Rivera is a liar.

    Geraldo Rivera is often fond of exagarrating the truth in order to create a better news story, which in many ways makes him a liar. One of the most famous examples of this is when he claimed that he was part of a fire fight while in Afganastan. It was later proven that he was 300 miles away. He also exagarrated the truth often on his talk show, in order to make it more scandoulous.

  • Not his words

    No, he is not a liar, but everything that he says on his talk show, or while he is being a journalist, is already planned ahead of time and he knows exactly what he is supposed to say before the show starts. He is not using his own ideas on there.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think that Geraldo Rivera is a liar. At least not anymore than the average person. More importantly, I do not think that he sets out to purposely lie to people. He may not always get his facts right but I don't really consider that to be lying.

  • I don't think Geraldo is lying to be malicious

    I think Geraldo Rivera is a man who was once a
    respected journalist who is desperate to be back in the limelight. He
    doesn't lie to be lying, he lies to get attention. It seems he always
    wants to say the most controversial thing, just to get his name in the
    headlines, because he has really gone from respected journalist to joke.

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