Is Germany free of the imperialist history that England and Denmark have?

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  • Germany's African Colonies.

    Like other imperialist powers, Germany established a number of colonies in Africa in the 1800s in order to generate income. To a greater extent than most of the others, Germany relied on force to seize and subdue its colonies. The only European nation possibly more brutal was Belgium, in the Congo. Any resistance to German rule was routinely crushed by extreme force. However, it's unlikely that Germany ever made any real profit from it's colonies because it lost them all after WW1.

  • No, Germany is not free of the imperialist history that England and Denmark have.

    In my opinion, Germany is not free of the imperialist history that England and Denmark have, and even though the outcome of the first and second world wars may have changed the leadership of German held and occupied nations the history is still apparent in the cultures, loyalties and the peoples of those nations often still have a great deal of animosity toward their former rulers.

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Adam2 says2013-10-24T21:19:35.137
To be honest with you, this is kinda heartbreaking for me. See, even though I'm Boriqua (for those who don't know it's a slang for Puerto Ricans), I know the Germans, much like Italians, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Spanish, Greeks, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Native Americans, have been through a lot, and were hated and disrespected and humiliated. Also I would expect Germany to be more like a country like Spain or Italy or Ireland or Finland or Poland, warm, welcoming types of countries. Not like England or Denmark which went around the world with their puritaness and their oppression and brutality and massacres and slavery. Like we saw during the English Empire in India, or the Danish Empire in Greenland or the Swedish Empire in Finland. They I come to read about the Berlin Conference, and it just breaks my heart. Is this really the same Germany that after WWI, was mistreated by the Danish and English at the Treaty of Versailles, so much so that Italy, which was originally Allied, became an enemy of the Allies just to be on Germany's side? Really? It just shocks me. So many Germans I've known (and this isn't an indictment or neither am I saying that the Germans are two-faced) have been so warm to me and treated me like one of their own, like I would treat them as I would treat an Italian or Puerto Rican, one of my own. Really? It's heartbreaking? Are they really responsible for the scramble of Africa. I can see England or Denmark doing it, but Germany? I'm in disbelief. :/
Skeptikitten says2013-10-25T00:52:53.680
Spain a "warm welcoming country"? You do realize Spain was one of the great Imperialist powers, do you not? The words "Spanish Armada" mean anything to you? Conquistadores? The wiping out of half the population of South America and the Caribbean Islands?
I don't think you understand history very well. Particularly your bizarre over-empathy with Germany. Sorry, but they weren't hapless victims of WWI. They were the aggressors. In fact Germany and its position as part of Prussia earlier than it's formation in the mid 1800s was a constant zone of militarization.
It's also telling that you seem to think it's perfectly fine to base ridiculous assumptions on the nature of a people by the things their government did a couple hundred years ago.
Adam2 says2013-10-25T11:51:16.220
"They were the aggressors." Typical words of a card-carrying English/Danish member of the KKK.
Adam2 says2013-10-25T11:52:17.513
"They were the aggressors." Now I think you truly don't believe the "Denmark was not an Allied power" jazz and you just making it up to get under my nerves. You're not stupid, just an English/Danish card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan.
Adam2 says2013-10-25T11:52:28.477
It's types like you that Wallace should have killed in battle
Adam2 says2013-10-25T11:52:36.623
William Wallace
Adam2 says2013-10-25T11:52:54.730
You know the Scottish hero? Shown in "Braveheart"?
Adam2 says2013-10-25T11:53:36.300
Now I think you truly don't believe the "Denmark was not an Allied power" jazz, meaning you claimed to think it was wrong to get under my skin, Klan member
Skeptikitten says2013-10-25T23:41:58.143
All right- you HAVE to be a troll. There is no way anyone is this much of an idiot.

I'm not English or Danish. I have nothing to do with the KKK- you don't even know what ethnicity I am.

Denmark was NOT an Allied power in WWI- learn history. Apparently you get all your "history" from TV and movies.

Run along, kid. You're idiocy is probably contagious.