• Germany is letting too many people in

    How does Germany know that the refugees are indeed refugees and not people who are taking advantage of the war in Syria and their economic wealth to get a better life in Europe? Once they are allowed to live in Germany, these refugees will have the freedom to move all across Europe which will harm the European Union.

  • German Refugee Policy Non-Harmful

    The Germany refugee policy should not harm all of the rest of the European Union. Despite the multiple countries within the Union all are still allowed to operate independently. The refugee issue needs to be spread amongst different countries because there are only so many resources available
    in any country. Hopefully the refugees will assimilate into each country as time goes on and become assets rather than burdens.

  • Germany's Heartwarming Support for Refugees

    Germany's policy on refugees from Syria is something to be admired and hopefully copied by other powerful countries in the EU, such as the UK and France. The economic disadvantages do not outweigh the humanitarian responsibilities in this scenario. The economic disadvantages may not even be that large as the people fleeing Syria do have valuable skills that could benefit the countries that are willing to accept them.

  • No, Germany's refugee policy is not harming the EU

    No, Germany's refugee policy is not harming the European Union. The European Union is not known for its refugee policy. In addition, refugees have had some well negative effects on the citizens and the country of Germany in recent history that could harm the EU more than Germany's refugee policy.

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