• Of course it is.

    Politicians need to be more decisive and cooperative or nothing will ever get done. We've seen it year over year for the longest time now. Our political system is broken, and nothing short of drastic overhaul will fix it. This is a serious problem and needs to be addressed right away.

  • Yes, gerrymandering hurts politics.

    Yes,gerrymandering is a detriment to running effective governments. This is a practice that maneuver around the idea of numbers do not lie. Using gerrymandering as a political practice allows the people involved to benefit my manipulating the information and give their party numeric leverage, and leaves their opponents on the losing end of a one sided affair.

  • Gerrymandering undermines effective governance

    When political parties twist and consort the boundaries of their districts for the purpose of keeping them "safe" or secure for their party, they undermine the potential for effective governance by quelling voices of dissent and alternate view points. This means elected officials no longer truly represent the collective perspective of the voting public...each district being skewed toward one extreme or another, making bipartisan compromise increasingly unlikely, if not impossible to achieve.

  • It has always been a problem

    You cannot run effective governments when people are not being properly represented, and redrawing districts to fit political gains and increase the chances of one party winning elections does just that. People become disenfranchised, politicians become out of touch with their constituents, people stop voting, and you cannot run an effective government that way.

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