Is getting influenced by others a good thing

Asked by: dude234
  • It potentially is

    You could say that there is no way to be alive and not be influenced by others. Of course I assume you mean should we let others affect our morally based opinions, but it is natural to want to know what others think and it is our own decision whether to change our own opinions. There is not much of a way to define what ideas are better than others, so it is really up to you whether you should let certain people influence you. It should also be noted, that without having quality relationships with other people, we often develop mental instabilities. We are also much more productive in groups and by working together and communicating to each other we have decidedly become much more morally driven as a species. In a sense, we need to influence and be influenced by others in order to learn. But you always have a choice on how to deal with outside influences.

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