Is ghost a real thing???????If is can it harm us??

Asked by: me_0106
  • I actually don't know so i just pick a random side

    I really really really really really really really realy really HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!! So plzzz help me out i've send images on google but some people said it is true some saids its not i have no idea and theres no prove that it exist so plzzz help me and debate!!!!!!!

  • I think so, yes.

    Although I have not seen one in my life, I believe that there is something after death, and I do believe that it could be real. Obviously we have no proof now, but who knows what we could discover in the future. As much as we have no proof for ghosts, we have no proof for no ghosts either

  • I'm haunted by ghosts

    I'm haunted by lots of ghosts and a demon doll ;_; save me please i tried bloody marry and it worked but i was with a friend so we survived with scratches but we are OK! Most of my friends believe me because they SAW and HEARD a ghost in my house! ;-;

  • Yes, but not usually harmful

    Ghosts exist; otherwise people wouldn't give the dead so much compassion. But usually, they would not be of any harm to us, because they are just the same people with the same emotions. Despite that, ghosts are creepy because almost nobody is used to them being around all the time.

  • Fallen Angels Exist

    They are everywhere, and their goal is to torment us and lead us to hell. There are ghosts in the world because Satan and his fellow angels deserted God. These ghosts want to harm us because they hate God's creation. So that's why they want to make us stressed out, and peruse the world. But as a christian, I believe God would protect us if we accept Jesus in our lives.

  • No, of course not. To both questions.

    Ghosts are, fundamentally, impossible. There's no evidence for a soul or spirit or anything else to become a ghost; all of the body's energy is broken down as chemical energy after death. Assuming they exist, however:
    1. There are 107 billion dead people. Where are they all?
    2. There have been reports of ghost dogs, cats, trains, gunshots, footsteps, and even sofas. There's a lot more than 107 billion of those. Where are they all?
    3. Do ghosts obey or disobey the laws of physics? If they obey them, then they can't go through things and they can't float. If they disobey them then, with the Earth travelling at 60km/s and ghosts being unaffected by gravity, they should be torn away from the planet.

  • No such thing.

    For ghosts to exist, some things would have to be true.
    A ghost would need a spiritual form that is indestructible so it can survive what killed the person.
    This form would need a ghost brain so it can continue to know things about their life and who they are. It would also need to be connected to the mortal brain while alive.
    This form would also need input and output sources such as ghost ears, ghost eyes, ghost mouth to see the world around them after death and communicate with it. It would also need some form of transportation such as ghost legs so that it can move around the world of the living.
    Seeing that all this would need to be true, then we all have an indestructible ghost form attached to use complete with memory and input/outputs. That being the case, we can not loose the ability to see because our ghost eyes that are connected can see for us. We also can not loose memory because our ghost brain can still remember for us, and so on. Seeing that those are not true, we can loose those things while alive, we would loose all those after death as well. Without a direct connection with a living human, a ghost would have no way to think, see, hear or anything that they are claimed to be able to do. If a spirit did exist, it would not even know what it was, where it was, or any thought process at all.

  • Of course not. That's superstitious.

    There is no evidence to support the existence of ghosts- it doesn't make any sense for them to exist, generally it just seems nonsensical. There is no credible evidence to support this myth, and so it is statistically highly unlikely for them to exist. Anything on Google that claims otherwise has been faked up.

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