• Many people think that it has to do with the grammatical pronunciation, but it is arbitrary.

    For people who think that "g" followed by "i"must make the hard g, consider the words giraffe, giant, gin?
    Furthermore, the creator of GIF has clearly stated that it has the soft G. It doesn't matter that other words have the hard G, or that it has "graphic" in the acronym, Steve Wilhite himself named the format he created, so how he wants it to be called, is how it shall be called, because he created the name himself.

  • Are you serious?

    The creator pronounced it jif, and that is the way it was always intended to be said. Now I need to waste a bunch of words to be able to post this thing. Wait, its getting there. Thirteen more words to go until I make it. I made it! Yay!

  • Creators said so

    Acronyms have no defined pronunciation, so the creator of the acronym gets to decide how it's pronounced. For the people whose reasoning is that the G stands for Graphical, then why don't you pronounce JPEG as Jayfeg instead of Jaypeg? The P stands for Photgraphic, after all. For the people whose reasoning is summed up in the word "gift", I have "giant", "giraffe", "gin", and "gist". The "t" doesn't make a difference, it's the "g" followed by a vowel that influences how it's pronounced. That said, the English language is a mess. We have exceptions to exceptions. There is not a defined set of rules that will be able to predict how a word is pronounced 100% of the time (but most of the time, a g followed by a vowel is soft). That's part of the reason why the creators of acronyms get to choose how they're pronounced.

  • According to some grammar rules, it should be pronounced like giff

    Closed syllables are syllables wherein the vowel is followed by a consonant. (i.E. Pin) Open syllables are syllables wherein the vowel is followed by nothing (i.E. LA-SER). There are different pronounciation rules for both. SCU-BA. The u is pronounced like a u if it's open but a if it's closed (i.E. UN-DER). LA-SER the a is pronounced like ayy if it's open but ahh if it's closed. (AM-STER-DAM) As for g, there's no rule that says that the g should be a j. Therefore it's still pronounced as giff

  • Gif not Jif!!

    Gif can only be correctly pronounced with a hard 'G', that is the opposite of a 'J' sound. This is seen in many occasions in daily vocabulary, like: girl, glasses, gift..., and so an argument can hardly be made for "Jif".

    Reasons for "Gif" not "Jif":

    Reason number 1:
    Say the word 'gift'
    Now say it without the "t"
    It said like "gif", not "jif"

    Reason number 2:
    If you have to specify your way of pronouncing a word, you're probably doing it wrong.
    When people pronounce 'gif' as 'jif' they need to say gif (but pronounced as though it has a "J" not a "G"), at least when they're typing it in an argument.

    Reason number 3:
    Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format. You do not pronounce "Graphics" like "Jraphics", so why would you pronounce the abrreviation that way?

    And thus my argument is finished.

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