• Best teen comedy/drama since Buffy!

    Glee has such a motley range of stuff in it. There's ridiculously campy soap-like drama, wholesome moments, humor ranging from sardonic to sanguine to sophomoric to irreverent to pedantic ... Sometimes in the same scene, and great music too! The characters are cliche but also nuanced, developing over time. The cast is very talented and there are guest appearances from other amazing actors including several Tony award winners. It's tons of fun.

  • Glee is amazing.

    Glee is a good show. It is like you're on the edge of your seat the whole time. Many plot twists with many surprises ahead of you. It is an amazing show that can relate to many teens as well. I would give it a 5 star rating because it is that good.

  • Amazing show musical show so far

    Glee not only is a funny show that has amazing writing, acting, singing, dancing, and drama, but it is show that is supposed to help people that the can be who they are and that it's ok if other people don't like who you are because that's their opinion and you don't have to care. So that to me is why the show is great.

  • I love it!

    This is the most life changing thing ii have ever seen I think it is a comedy for everybody and at the end of every episode has an meaning to it is not just a random episode they take you through high school just how it is and it is perfect it is the perfect pick me up show and is absolutely fantastic

  • Yes, Glee's awesome.

    The reason I like Glee so much is because it truly embodies what the arts are like, and how much of a struggle they can be. As a musical theater person, I've been through bossy choreographers and people who don't believe in dreams, being the only one singing and how jealous you can get of the leads and soloists. It's a fantastic show, the music is incredible, and it's fun to see all your favorite Broadway actors and actresses guest-starring. Idina Menzel, Kristen Chenowith, and many others have been on Glee. Also, every character is an individual with a personality and all of them are fun to learn more about. Rachel is bossy and sometimes, plain obnoxious. Then why do we like her so much? That's the genius of good writing. Little things, like the fact everyone hates her, make her endearing to the watcher. Same goes for many of the other characters.

  • Yes The best show

    Glee is one of the best shows I've ever watched. It touches base on so many issues I struggle with so you can connect to alot of the characters. I love how all of the characters evolve and become better people together throughout the show. I also love the covers they do.

  • I love it!

    I really like how all the characters in Glee are flawed, because, like in real life, nobody is perfect! I think Glee is a great show with great messages and great music. I can see why some people wouldn't like it if they weren't into the whole stereotypical high school scene, but I feel like, if you dig deep into McKinley high, it's really more than it seems.

  • Glee is definitely a good show.

    Because of several different reasons,Glee can be seen as a good show.It features lots of music that can be sung to and features a very diverse cast.It also features storylines that the general public can easily identify with such as the plight of gay teens in an intolerant social world.

  • More like fantastic!

    Glee is viewed warily because it seems to be just a melodramatic show with random music numbers. Yes, there is drama, but the drama is very interesting and holds you attention through out the season. As for the random music numbers, the glee cast each have their own, unique style which keeps it interesting to listen to. People usually dismiss glee covers but they are actually excellent and take new twists on both current, older, and indie songs. The most appealing aspect to me, besides the completely gorgeous cast, is the comedy. It is HILARIOUS! Especially the witty Coach Sue, the queen b*tch Santana Lopez, and the dumb blonde turned Yale student Brittany Pierce. I highly recommend it!

  • Yes, Glee is a good show.

    Glee is an excellent show that showcases the talents of young people. The storylines are generally positive and the artistic exploits are top of the line. The focus on youth is what makes this show so impressive. Television needs more shows like Glee that highlight the good things at which young folks excel.

  • No it's not

    I feel that it's an annoying show, with the focus of it being on school cliques and it seems really high school musical to me, and I feel like that's been done before. The entire cast is annoying and I don't really like their covers. So no to me Glee is not a good show.

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