• I think this episode is too soon.

    I think any show that emulates a shooting in a school would be "too soon." Families have lost loved ones, whether it be a child, brother, sister, mother, or father, and to watch that on a loved television show is too hard. They need to show some compassion and find another story to show.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I really had to consider my answer to this question, but in the end, have to go with my gut. While Glee is a much loved, well respected show, and while there's a lot to be said for such a show being on the cutting social edge, I think the episode was too soon; I think the title is inappropriate. I can understand where they were going and it can also be argued that people need to talk about this, but I found my stomach turning while watching it. Maybe that's the point. Maybe that makes it successful. But to commercialize and entertainment-veil a serious, tragic happening, even if done in a way to provoke serious dialogue, seems wrong.

  • There is nothing more terrible than violence on children.

    This day in age they are not safe; be it at home, outside playing, at sporting events or, in the one place children take absolute precedence, in school. People are saying this is too soon after Sandy Hook. What happened there is terrible. But to so many, we see it on the news, we say something on Facebook or Twitter about how horrible it is and how it should be stopped, but we then go on to the next big story. Time passes and we forget until an anniversary comes around. None of us sit and think what they must have gone through, how truly horrific and traumatizing it must have been. I think that 'Shooting Star' was aiming to show how absolutely heart-breaking and terrifying such events are, for those both on the inside and the outside. For families and for the children and teachers inside the school. Glee is a huge show, and portraying such a violence may seem terrible, but it does what many Glee episodes do: it sends a strong message to the teens and viewers of the show in an emotional way. A message of a need for stronger gun control and to never take those who care for you for granted, because you never know what is coming. It is coming at the perfect time, as people are already moving on to a different story...This episode is bringing the need for security in schools and tighter gun control back to the forefront of our minds and attaching a strong emotional message that will stick with us.

  • There's no such thing as 'too soon'.

    Whenever tragic events happen, they news media tends to sensationalize them (often overlooking items of equal, but different importance) while showing biased views. They aim to shock and horrify people, which doesn't help families to cope or promote any form of awareness or future prevention. The news shows what it wants to promote a political agenda. If a show mimics an event, it can help people to understand what happened, why it happened and see it from the view of an ordinary individual who may have experienced it. Saying something is 'too soon' is very much like saying that there IS a time when tragedy is okay. Banning something will not rearrange the past, all we can do is hope to learn from it, give a respectful nod to the people who may have suffered through something similar, and do our best to not let things of that nature happen again.

  • Too soon to what?

    In what sense was it "too soon?" Too soon to what? If it's too soon to be for about gun violence, there's that everyday. If we're talking about Newtown that was five months ago, hard to say it's being "too soon". We can't stop the world because of Sandy Hook, we can move on. We should move on and stop going day by day and talking about Sandy Hook. What happened in Newtown was tragic, but it was five months ago. Move on or you'll never be happy in life.

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