• He is beyond insane

    Have you seen him during his television show? He literally starts to hyperventilate on-air. He is offensive and rude to anyone who does not agree with him/his ethics,morals, political and non political beliefs. He keeps his ratings/popularity up by spreading fear throughout the community using unproven 'facts'. I (personally) cannot stand the man.

  • Beck Commonly Thinks Government Out to Get Everyone

    Glenn Beck often touted conspiracy theories on his chalkboard using overly-simplistic graphs and data to let his viewers know that the American government is out to take away our civil liberties in the name of socialism. His explanations were the bread-and-butter moments of his show when Beck looked into the camera as if to plead with Americans to listen to his side of the story. Whether it was for show or if he truly believe them, Beck's theories drew viewers to Fox every single day.

  • Glenn Beck reports news others do not report.

    Glenn Beck is not a conspiracy theorist. He offers a discussion news show. In his show he touches on various theories and possible outcomes. Glenn Beck reports things that other new anchors and talk show hosts do not cover. This does not make him a conspiracy theorist. It makes him interesting.

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