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    WE'RE ALWAYS POULITING ARE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! The reason being is becauseit will poullet the air our waters and our streets so if u do find some litter and a bin close by pick it up and stick it in the bin !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do u understand me !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Man made change

    If we have never had been here, then the earth would have gone on healthy and the way it should, but since we are here there are disruptive thing on the earth that are causing the destruction on the earth. And most of these factors are man made, if not all are man made

  • How can it be natural this time?

    Yes, I know the temperature changes, but that's natural, it happens another way... now there is a lot of CO2 in the air, the long-wave radiation increases and the heat gets trapped. Greenland is partially melting. Why is it melting now? Well, I guess it kind of melted before, but still, why is it melting more than other times? I have to go with man-made, I need more proof that it is a natural cycle, this time.

  • Yes, global climate change is definitely man-made.

    The most prominent reason is that most of the energy we depend on is coming from the fossil fuels and its burning produced carbon dioxide, the main cause for global climate change. Another reason is that forests are disappearing because of many purposes for human life. Without strong change in our energy source and use, global climate change will get worse.

  • The rise of the industrial world.

    As the world has become more and more industrialized we have been using up more and more of the world's natural resources. The idea that this has no link on the rising CO2 levels and recent climate patterns is committing ourselves to a life of ignorance. 90% of climate scientists agree that human factors are contributing to climate change. Measurements show that the temperature is rising faster than it has than in the last 650,000 years. Even if we go through short "cycles" of temperature ups and downs, there are a lot of places that are already being affected by an obvious continuing warmth. There are hundreds (thousands?) of glaciers that are disappearing all over the world and it is estimated that the arctic will have little to no ice WITHIN MY LIFETIME. WHAT. The idea that SEVEN BILLION people living on this earth and driving cars, raising cows (which fart methane gas), trucking and boating and flying around is having NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER is absolute bull.

  • It is Obviously Man-Made.

    It is definitely man-made, because most of the machines we use every day need fire. The fumes go in the air and the ozone layer reduces an the sun shines on us more directly and more efficiently. Another thing is that forests are disappearing for many purposes because of human life.

  • Yes; Fossil Fuels

    Fossil fuels such as coal and oil can emit gases that affect our atmosphere. It may be partially natural, but humans definitely contribute to the issue. The main point, is it is an issue. I'm doing a debate in class on this subject. In general it is helping me learn more about this.

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  • It is God's Job.

    There can be bad events that we don't cause such as an Ice Age, and a Earthquake or a Hurricane that just happens without any warning or anything because that's just how it is. Everything that happens in this world is in the presence of God and we have no control over it.

  • No - the Earth is too big for us to manipulate

    The Earth is simply too vast and too complex for us to be the direct result of climate change. Throughout all the alleged climate changes proposed by evolutionists, none of those changes were man-made. Things will continue to be out of our control in this category as our planet ages and we spend our time on it.

  • "Global Warming: Man made or natural?"

    In my opinion, Global Warming is natural. This is because when plants and forage decay, they also release carbon emissions, not just cars. Because of the large amount of decay, this means more carbon emissions. It was a very difficult decision.

  • World history and scientific evidence

    1930's dust bowl. Also Louisiana swamps went completely dry. Ice ages throughout history. American Indians left 4 corners area because of climate change. Sonotas in Mexico have alters and other artifacts in them that must have been placed when they were dry. In every culture around the world there are stories of great floods. It seems to happen very rapidly since mammoths have been found frozen with green grass still in their mouths.

  • It's the Sun wot duzzit!

    Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. Carbon Dioxide is a food. Carbon Dioxide comes after warming it does not trigger warming or cause it. No amount of hair shirted penance from the human race is going to stop the planet warming or cooling. The only reason some "scientists" are claiming otherwise is that they rely on taxpayer funding for their jobs. By making up these lies they persuade politicians to use these as yet another excuse to tax us and to control how we live.

    Eventually, truth will out and these evil schemers will be found out and exposed more thoroughly than they have been up to now. Roll on the day.

  • It is the Sun stupid

    Two words: Sun Spots. They are at historic (200 year) lows. Yet this cycle was predicted as recently as 2010 by our experts to be the strongest cycle in that last 200 years. If you don't understand the Sun, you don't understand ANYTHING about the Earth's climate. We just don't know. So shut up! As for me, Im investing in blankets, and get ready for the oncoming genetic mutations as the cosmic ray flux increases. We are getting colder and will for some time.

  • Repeating history? I believe so.

    Because the Earth has gone through fits like this before. Who is to say the CO2 levels won't go down again? Think of the Ice Age. The caps all melted until we were left with basically all ocean, The sun then soaked it up. Men didn't have cars or anything else at that time. So that is why I believe that the Earth just goes through natural rhythms.

  • It's what the Earth does.

    The planet's temperature fluctuates. Sure we can contribute to it with our pollution and what not but man did not create it. It is like saying that the water cycle is man-made, or that ocean currents are man-made. Pollution and et cetera adds the process indeed, but it does not happen solely because of us.

  • Volcanoes, natural cycle.

    The earth has seen much more drastic and rapid climate change in the past. And how much CO2 is pumped out of a volcano every day?
    This is where politics come into play. Liberals seem to be the alarmists, because it gets votes from their constituents. Conservatives deny it to pander to theirs. There's a lot of money floating around this issue, subsequently, there's a lot of room for corruption.
    Should something be done to decrease our output? YES!! Is it doomsday? NO!! Is the climate changing? A little bit. Are politicians using this issue to get elected and make more money? I'd bet my pay check on it. Either way, neither side is getting anything done besides lining their own pockets.

  • A Natural Cycle of The Earth.

    The Earth (and other planets) have always been stuck in a cycle of a wild environment. Most people think that means we'd have to have temperature variances in the tens or more. 4 degrees celcius is enough to be "wild".
    The Medieval Warming Period saw people living in an environment very much like we do now. They could suddenly grow things that can't survive the cold (ie: Cereals).
    As the warming period came to an end and the Little Ice Age kicked in, we can see the suffering of the peasants in particular. The grains/cereals died as they were too exposed. They needed to grow root vegetables that were safe underground. Potatoes became a staple.
    This environment can be directly linked to many things we otherwise wouldn't contribute to temperature, (politics, agriculture) but when looked at in a wide spectrum makes sense.
    The plague was easily spread because of these cold conditions.
    As the Earth reheated again, in about 1850, the potato blight took hold of Ireland. This was a direct result of climate change.
    We're very early in a new cycle of the Earth heating again.

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