• Global corruption is rampant.

    Of course global corruption is running rampant today. Hasn't it always. I do not mean to sound like a pessimist here, but people are corrupt. Especially people in power. You give almost anyone enough power or money, and they can be corrupted. This is what happens in government. Anyone expecting government to be infallible is foolhardy.

  • This is shown in the world media

    Yes, I believe that global corruption is running rampant today and for a long period of time. It is evident that the world as a whole is corrupt. Money, regardless of the type of money, such as pesos and Korean Won, it rules the world. If you have enough of it you can buy the support of anyone and everyone.

  • Leaders take advantage of people.

    Yes, global corruption is running rampant today, because there are so many world leaders who are happy to hurt the little people for their own personal gain. There is more corruption in Africa than there is honesty. The United States is supposed to be the freest nation on earth, but it seems like you hear about a scandal every other day.

  • It's Always Been A Problem

    I believe corruption always has been a problem but I do believe it is rampant today. I think this is partly to blame on the inequality in income and the pooling of large sums of money into fewer and fewer hands. I believe the heads of corporations are far more concerned about their own problems than the more serious problems that society faces when greed becomes dangerous to everyone.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that most people who are holding a seat in some type of political office are corrupt at all, and it is my belief that a few who are corrupt put a bad name on all of the ones that are just trying to do their job.

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