• Only hindsight will tell.

    While the arrival (or past arrival) of the peak is almost impossible to predict, clearly we have arrived at the limits of production (even former oil executives now agree). We will not be able to continue our current lifestyle based on cheap oil for much longer. In fact, anyone who thinks oil production can keep increasing for 10 years is living in fantasy land.

  • It's past its peak

    Eventually when you keep saying "we'll worry about it later" with a finite resource you're exhausting, it reaches a point where you need to finally acknowledge it is dwindling. The places and ways we are currently looking to find more oil are all that needs to be said to prove that it isn't as abundant as it used to be and seeing as we're scared of renewable energy we have no idea how to solve the problem.

  • Oil Production Peaked

    I believe oil production is either peaking right now or we have more than likely already passed the point where it did peak. As a global society we are already considering what we will do after oil, but at the same time we are looking at less efficient ways to obtain more oil.

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