• Soooooo

    Throughout history there has been spikes of temperature. Hot, cold etc... I understand that sometimes it is hard to trust what is in the media because well it is the media. But even if global warming isn't a crisis what is the harm in doing our part to try and make the world a better place with sustainable energy instead of fighting and killing each other over oil. Isn't it better that we try and protect our world rather than not care at all?

  • Global crisis

    Global warming is not a crisis only it is a headache for environment .if v not take any steps to reduce carbon emission it leads to disaster.make every citizen aware of how to reduce carbon emmission for future better safe environment planting more trees,make nature green & reduction of carbon saves lives.

  • Global Warming:They call it as a crisis.

    First, What does a crisis mean?
    Its a situation where man isn't capable of handeling ruined things and th's what the same case with this global warming.
    Now, what is this global warming?
    it is the situation when access of Co2 results in heating up of environment.
    Yes it surely is....
    1.Its resulting in melting of glaciers and we can't do anything.
    2.Its that condition which is not allowing humans to survive in the next gen and we can't help that at all.
    3. Co2 is almost needed everywhere and thus can't be brought up to reduction that's w its like a crisis for us to stop it handle it or bring redution of co2 to notice

  • Yes, global warming will chang our weather and lives in ways we do not fully understand.

    Global warming has already raised the average global temperature by one degree Celsius. This has caused an increased number and severity of extreme weather events. This will only get worse. With the rate of growth in developing economies like China and India, it will take a major effort to begin to halt further damage.

  • Something Must Be Done Now

    Something must be done now to avert further global disasters, otherwise weather changes will make things worse. The difficulty is that global warming didn't happen overnight. Fixing it won't happen quickly either, nor will weather patterns simmer down immediately once carbon stops spewing into the atmosphere. Global warming is a crisis because it affects everyone drastically, albeit slowly.

  • Yes, global warming is a major environmental threat

    I deeply believe that global warming and climate change represents perhaps the largest crisis of a generation. The multitude of effects from global warming pose serious threats to the planet. There have already been increases in weather phenomena like hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, and most scientists expect the trend to continue. With the ice caps melting as well, serious actions need to be taken to curb climate change.

  • Of course it is you stupid people

    Global warming is a serious problem. It is already affecting us in the present imagine the future. Thanks to pollution we are damaging the world for our future generation to come and for what? We need to do something about this urgently before it is to late!!! STUPID PEOPLE >>>

  • It totally is

    Over the years, humanity has been releasing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and other nitrous gases. These releases of gases will and have already started to affect our climate as a whole. Sixteen of the seventeen warmest years have occurred in the 20th century. We have already seen the increase of severe weather such as more frequent droughts, floods, etc. we have also seen the increase in surface temperatures especially in the poles and even the rise in sea level, which has already led to the extinction of several species. If we don't stop global warming now, it could have long lasting detriments to our climate.

  • Yes it is

    Global warming is a crisis unlike anything humanity has yet faced. Our society can and will be permanently altered by the changes that are going to be happening and already are within the environment. It's time we recognize this and start addressing the serious problems we will be facing because of this.

  • Hysterical alarmist models and predictions have failed for generations

    Anyone who has lived more than a couple of decades has been aware of this same crowd who make dire predictions (concerning climate, human population, etc), as they downplay real crises such as privation, violence, war and genocide. The significant threats are ideological and economic, not changes in temperature and sea level that are imperceptible over your lifetime. If you fear anything, fear the violence spread by criminals, gangs, terrorists and hate-mongers, or the incompetent politicians hostile to free markets who can lead you from hope and prosperity to despair and destruction.

    The climate threat is the man-made hysteria, not the change itself. If alarmists were to succeed, the calamity would be unprecedented.

  • Think of the past.

    Evidence shows that during the dinosaurs time, the Earth's atmosphere contain 5 times the amount of Carbon Dioxide than we do today meaning the Earth would have been a whole lot hotter. They seemed to be doing fine. Sure they all died but that was from a meteor and it's not like the heat attracted the meteor towards the Earth and caused them to be all killed.

  • Not Particularly ATM

    I agree that it sort of is a crisis. But it is not currently a crisis. At current time it does not threaten us in the slightest. It has the potential to be deadly but as of 2015 it is not that much of a threat. So, it is not a crisis as of yet.

  • Nope not one

    I agree that it sort of is a crisis. But it is not currently a crisis. At current time it does not threaten us in the slightest. It has the potential to be deadly but as of 2015 it is not that much of a threat. So, it is not a crisis as of yet.

  • Global Warming Is not a crisis lmfao

    I agree that it sort of is a crisis. But it is not currently a crisis. At current time it does not threaten us in the slightest. It has the potential to be deadly but as of 2015 it is not that much of a threat. So, it is not a crisis as of yet.

  • No, the urgency is being exaggerated

    What is true is that climate fluctuations neither prove nor disprove global warming. The inconvenient truth for global warming alarmists that's unfolding is that the unusually warm decade at the start of the millennium was likely one of those fluctuations. The dishonesty behind global warming is not that man-made CO2 is accumulating at an unsustainable pace, it is, but that the majority of climatologists know that the increase in CO2 accounts for only a modest fraction of the increase in temperatures over the previous decade. The urgency of global warming has been exaggerated by people and groups with an agenda served by global warming fears in order to get people to accept changes and accommodations they wouldn't otherwise be willing to accept.

  • No dangerous temperature increase.

    There has not been any statistically significant warming in the past 16 years all during a period of massive increases in carbon emissions. All of the models predicting massive warming have been incorrect. The theory of catastrophic man made global warming has not been confirmed through natural evidence and needs to be revised to fit the evidence and data we have observed.

  • If you really care to know, then don't let anyone TELL you.

    Is it a crisis? Do your own research: Go back at least 530 million years (11.5% of earth's life) for a better view. Has earth had run-away global warming before. Was it good or bad for the earth. What were CO2 and temperature levels during the Cambrian explosion (the most prolific period for life on earth). Does twice the CO2=twice the global temperature. Ask greenhouse equipment retailers what the ideal level of CO2 is for 95% of plants. In scientific data and research, does CO2 lag or precede temperature rises. Where did the carbon come from, in fossil fuels. Are we in a warm interglacial of a long term Ice Age. Keep in mind that when you breathe out, it's mostly CO2, and that the first human origins were nearer the warm equator, than the poles. If you really care to know, it's worth the time, effort, and an honest look. Educate yourself, so as not to be a dupe and a pawn. Don't let anyone tell you. Do your own thinking. Have the strength and integrity to be honest. Is it a crisis?

  • Of course it is happening but is it bad?

    People always believe that any man made change is bad but that isn't true. Global warming opens new areas to go and new reserves of resources that have been hidden for millions of years. Polar bears will be fine and so will all the other animals up there I bet they would prefer the warmth.

  • Global warming is scientifically incorrect.

    Global warming is not a true thing. Scientists have now hypothesized on "global climate change" such as warm areas become warmer and cold areas become colder, rather than all areas become warmer. Is this a problem, possibly... Though I do not feel we will ever get to the point where our atmosphere becomes winter wonderland or a fiery furnace. We'll run out of oil/coal long before it happens.

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