Is global warming a crisis: Is global warming a crisis, even if we assume it is occurring?

  • Life is a delicate balance

    Life developed in tangent to itself here on earth. Without the oxygen produced by autographs, We wouldn't have mammalian carnivores. We are all finely tuned to our place in the ecosystem. Humans are even more complex in this respect because we are descendants of sexual selection from within the human sphere of things, Rather than what we think of as natural obstacles. Unfortunately the reality of our activity conflicts with our comfort and sense of place in the world, So many people are ok with harming ourselves and nature in the guise of promoting human well-being. Exploring the frontier of nature and knowing and seeking truth is all that I know to be human. Cognitive dissonance is a human phenomena from what I know.

  • Yes, in certian ways.

    Global warming is something that needs to be taken seriously and can seriously damage this earth if we ignore it. If we do not treat it as a threat than everyone will ignore it day by day creating people to never address it as a serious crisis that will hurt us.

  • Yes, global warming is a crisis.

    In the oceans, an influx of water (especially warmer water) will eventually change the world's dominant air currents, which will change the weather everywhere.Each landmass on the planet is comprised of a group of ecosystems. These ecosystems are tightly woven webs of plants and animals interacting with the environment. As the effects of global warming continue, shifts in climate are likely, and this could set off chain reactions that we are not equipped to handle. Changes in temperature and in seasonal rains affect crop growth, which in turn affects all the species of plants and animals linked to the crops. Species will migrate or die out. This affects everything that comes after it in the food chain. The biggest concern is that the climate shifts will be dramatic enough that they impact our ability to grow food and that diseases such as malaria will spread because of the migration of species.

  • Change is not a Crisis

    Sea levels have fluctuated and weather patterns have changed and life has adapted. The common misconception is that high temperatures will create a barren wasteland throughout earth. This is simply not the case it would likely do the opposite higher temps could mean more water in circulation. For some areas and species global warming will be beneficial for others it wont. But life will adapt it wont be a catastrophe so please take what alarmists say with a grain of salt and remember that environmentalism has become a business.

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