• Yes, Global Warming Affects Us at Home and Abroad

    Global warming affects everybody, every country, every environment. We as a country need to start learning how it will affect us at home as well as how it will affect us abroad. We will surely see effects of global warming within our borders and in our economy, but we will also notice the effects when we want to travel or trade with other countries.

  • Yes, it will cause domestic problems we can't even imagine

    We are having so many domestic problems because of global warming that it's pretty obvious its a domestic crisis. When we talk about a global crisis, it's very easy to believe something is too big for us to change, and that it's a world problem that someone else will deal with. Calling it a domestic crisis brings it home.

  • Yes, It Is A Global Crisis Caused By A Domestic Crisis

    The USA, along with China, are by far the worst offenders when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. The USA happens to be in the best position to make an impact. Much of our pollution can be reduced or even completely eliminated and we are in the unique position where we have the resources to make the necessary changes. It won't be easy or cheap, but the US leaders can't wait any longer to change the way we think about our carbon footprint as a nation. It may be too late already.

  • No, global warming is a global crisis.

    Global warming is a global crisis, it affects everyone. But there are countries in the world who are the worst offenders in contributing to global warming and the United States is one of them. Whatever response we have to global warming in this country will not fix everything, but it truly is something that we have a responsibility to address as if it is a domestic crisis. Most other countries in the world do not contribute greatly to the crisis but they will be at the effect of what we are doing nevertheless. It is up to the worst offenders to to consider this a crisis, and the US is one of them.

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