• 3 more words

    Everyone here is not asking the correct questions. The correct question is very obviously: is global warming wet? On one hand, it doesn't exist, which makes it like water, which we know isn't wet. However, on the other hand, all of the people who like global warming says that the gasses in the sky causes global warming, meaning that it is clouds, meaning that is is just water vapor, which means that it is wet.

  • YOLO so we might as well uncover the governments and scientist sickening lies

    It makes me sick to know thousands are willing to die in space then to uncover the US and Russias governments sickening lies. Obamacare was just the start to a masterful plan. The US is feeding lies to the world the illumanati trying to scare us and take over the world.

  • Unfortunately, no, it is not.

    You can either face it or don't. The sea levels are rising and at a faster rate than just a few decades ago. By 2100 many coastal areas will have been abandoned (Miami, New Orleans) or will have been defended somehow. By 2400, New York city will be underwater. There will be very few safe places and there will surely be continuous wars and fighting over land.

  • There is no argument here.

    Think of climate change naysayers as a patient with a severe dental cavity going from dentist to dentist to dentist until he finds one willing to say the rotting tooth is no big deal. You can always find an oddball (or an idiot) willing to look past the evidence to toe some party line; the fact that some tiny fraction of scientists “disagree” that glaciers are melting and that we are the cause shouldn’t surprise anyone in the least.

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