• Man has altered the environment, creating potential for global warming.

    Man-made inventions spawning from the industrial revolution to today have released countless tons of pollutants into the atmosphere, contributing to a global-wide greenhouse effect. This in turn has the effect of keeping more heat from the sun within the Earth's atmosphere, contributing to a slow but gradual warming of the planet.

  • There is definitely scientific evidence to support that global is real.

    Atmospheric studies and photographs support the idea that global warming is not a man-made phenomenon. What is unclear, however, is how inflated its impact is to the earth and how fast it is progressing. Recent studies suggest that over the past century, climate has warmed very little more than the normal rate of warming over the past several thousand years. However, most of the minute rise from the normal level is attributable to the past half century, correlating to the rise of industry and automobiles.

  • No, the world naturally fluctuates in temperature.

    Long before man dominated the planet, the earth was covered in ice. When it melted, there were no factories, cars, or power plants to blame. The earth goes through natural cycles, and we are in the midst of one of them. While toxic emissions are anything but good for the planet, they are not the principle, or even a major, cause of current global warming.

  • Although man may contribute, there simply isn't enough pollution to tip the scales.

    For years, a kind of red-alert has been sent out about the earth getting warmer, and what we need to do to combat this. Then, suddenly the trend reversed, but those politicking didn't miss a beat. Now dubbed climate change, the answer remains the same: give massive amounts of money and control to the government. Never mind that the US Military is the greatest pollutant on the planet.....

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