Is Global Warming a man made problem or is it only a natural occurrence?

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  • Global warming is an objective reality

    Simply put, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses have a higher thermal inertia than oxygen - CO2 is standardized at a value of 1, methane at a value of 100, if there is an increase to the quantity of these gasses (which there is) from human industry, it is a necessary conclusion that temperatures will increase. Conceptually it is as simple as 1+1=2. This is the nature of causality.
    Furthermore, as it is an empirical truth that 98% of glaciers are reducing in size. Also the summertime surface area of the arctic ice is reducing each year. This reduces the albedo of the planet. The albedo is the term for the reflectivity of solar energy of the planet. If the reflectivity of the planet decreases the absorbed energy increases resulting in increased temperatures.
    For more than 600k years the PPM of CO2 has remained below 200, but in the past 100 years due to human industrial activity this number has grown to more than double this value.
    For all these reasons it is a fact that global warming is a reality.

  • We can tell it's not natural.

    While natural climate change has occurred in the past, it's important to consider the timescales. For example, going from the last glacial maximum to the current warm period is relatively fast in geological terms, but it's still about an order of magnitude slower than the warming we're experiencing since the prior century. What we're seeing is nothing like natural climate change. In fact, we're living through a catastrophic period in Earth's climate history, even if we can't immediately see that.

  • It is real

    Co2 acts like a blanket in the atmosphere and the more co2 we add to the atmosphere the thicker the blanket is and it warms the atmosphere and sea levels get higher and then the earth will be really warm and the blanket traps heat in earths atmosphere and make global warming

  • Yes and no

    Global warming is partially natural for example volcanoes and sunspot activity (where different amounts of radiation are emitted from the sun) and milankovitch cycles. (Where over thousands of years the earths orbit or tilt changes) these cause changes in global temperatures and have been partially responsible for ice ages etc. however global warming is largely man made ( this is where it begins to be a problem) the increasing reliance on fossil fuels for electricity means more co2 is emitted into the atmosphere and hence more heAt is Absorbed by the molecules ad reemittes back to earth (causing the eRth to heat up) also the use of fossil fuels for cars is a problem as spme companies are making cars so cheap so that more people in developing countries can afford them as well. (Im not saying thhey shouldnt have them im saying that it meAns more people have them so more co2 emissions.

  • If you look back, you will see how it is caused by humans.

    At the beginning of the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide emissions grew as factories produced more and more emissions. At that point, the average temperature of the earth also began to rise. Don't get me wrong, this kind of thing CAN happen naturally, but not on the scale that has been shown today.

  • Both to an extent.

    Mankind has most likely sped the process of global warming by quite a lot. We have pumped out terrifying amounts of toxins into our atmosphere since our relatively recent industrialization. I am all for being open to theories and new ideas, but it has been proven that said toxins are harmful to the environment. It is also fairly widely known that most scientists who oppose the fact of global warming are bought and paid for by big oil companies.

  • Political Hassle Instead of Scientific Argument

    This 'debate' over global warming has really shifted from science to politics, and it irritates me greatly. I've no idea why we would still be arguing over global warming had this not turned into a massive blow to our beloved energy industry. Are we, as a whole, that ignorant as to reject scientific studies that have been repeated over and over with the same results just so we can keep mining our coal and drilling our oil? We claim to be helping our youth, but in reality, all we do is strip the Earth of its natural resources and pollute the atmosphere because in the end, who cares? Let them deal with it, I'm gonna be dead! Well, I care. I am a youth. This directly impacts my future and I WILL NOT LET INTOLERABLE IGNORANCE RUIN IT! Call me selfish, but ignoring climate change is, in itself, selfish AND hypocritical.

  • Both man and natural

    Global warming and global cooling are natural events that happen but why it's more man made than natural occurrence is because mankind is rapidly speeding up the process of global warming from greenhouse gases and other things we are doing. Global warming exists naturally not like this. We are not helping, we're hurting, by speeding up the process so rapidly it is unnatural to happen like this.

  • Proof not reliable.

    Due to the constant- and natural- fluctuations of the Earth's global temperature, we can conclude that global warming is indeed natural, and has been over-stretched by scientists across the globe. In the 1300's the Earth underwent a massive increase in temperature, known as the Medieval Warming Period, where temperatures exceeded those of today. Then, about 40 years later, the Earth underwent a large drop in temperatures, as one would expect in comparison to the MWP, known as 'The Mini Ice Age'.
    With that knowledge, how can anyone prove that man is causing all these problems. The rise in temperatures today- temperatures still lower than that of the MWP- can not be attributed to man's own actions today. The Earth is experiencing a rise in temperatures currently, like the MWP, then the temperatures will drop again, like the mini ice age. This pattern is the way the Earth has been behaving, and it will follow this pattern in the future as well.

  • CO2 has very little to do with global warming.

    An increase in solar activity can drastically heat up the average global temperature. And the sun has been more active these past few decades. Measured CO2 levels are insignificant in terms of being the causal agent for global warming. CO2 levels are not the only factors in considering a candidate for the cause of global warming. The facts simply do not support man-made global warming.

  • It is natural, but to a degree.

    The global climate fluctuates- sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down. Although global warming is, to a large extent, a human problem, it does follow the natural changes in climate. Right now, we are in an interglacial period- so temperatures have been rising. They have risen must faster however since the Industrial Revolution and the creation of the modern world. However, the effects can and will be catastrophic, but (like the Black Death), it could result in a bounce-back cultural enlightenment.

  • Al Gore is a billionaire ...

    Because of the United Nation's IPCC scare-campaign and his contribution to it.

    It's hard to believe that there are still people out there who believe the propaganda of his "Inconvenient Truth" even though it was found to be full of "errors" (lies) in the High Court in the UK.

    As well as being obscenely wealthy from exploiting the good will of the ignorant (individuals to nations) - he is also a hypocrite and doesn't practice what he preaches. This fact alone should make one at least question the "science" ...

  • Global warning is a bunch of nonsense.

    The earth has been warming up ever since the end of the ice age. It was warming in the 1700s than it was centuries earlier. The change in temp is just a natural occurrence not a man made problem. People should realize this and move on. Global warming is not man made.

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