• Its gets hot and cold

    Ever heard of the Ice Age ? If Global warming is caused by 4 wheel drives and cheap flights, then what caused the last 4 Ice Ages to begin and end ? Its just a cycle and all the protesters were the same nuts at CND rallies and any other cause that didn't actually involve going to work
    Posted by: Hoodie

  • Ever heard of the Ice Age ?

    If Global warming is caused by 4 wheel drives and cheap flights, then what caused the last 4 Ice Ages to begin and end ? Its just a cycle and all the protesters were the same nuts at CND rallies and any other cause that didn't actually involve going to work

  • Yes, but doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything

    Just because some believe that it is a natural cycle doesn't mean they aren't doing anything about their impact on the environment. I double majored in Biology and Environmental Science and have taken about as many classes about this kind of topic as possible. While I know for a fact that what we are doing to the environment is terrible and we need to do something about it, I have found so many reasons in my many research papers for why this is a natural cycle (way too much information to put here). I just hate how most people who feel like it's not a cycle automatically assume that anyone who believes that it is a cycle is ignorant and doesn't care about the environment.

  • Everyone before our time had to go through global warming.

    People state that the world will end but how many generations before us that must of or somehow go through global warming so its just gotta be a cycle. Or that our generation isn't the smartest so there for its just normal for us to go through death so let it happen.

  • Save us Al Gore LOL

    Lets pretend the fantasy that humans are the cause of Global Warming is true. Are we going to tax ourselves out of it? Reality check, the only thing that could possibly help our planet would be a massive "thinning out of the herd". The Earth's population chart has began to curve back on itself. Humans suck and things will never change!

  • Global Warming is all NATURAL

    Global warming is natural because the earth has heated up before and then dove down to an ice age. Yes all of the cars and stuff help speed up the process but that isnt the cause. The Earth has only warmed up one degree. The ice is melting where cars arent driving around everday.

  • I Think Both

    Yes, man is putting pollutants into the atmosphere, speeding up the process, but, inevitably I think it's arrogant to think that mankind is that much more powerful than mother nature. The dinosaurs were wiped out almost completely, yet the only evidence of them we have today after mother nature is some bones and oil and natural gas. Even where scientists think where the meteor struck the earth is, underwater, but nonetheless teeming with life and has been for millennia. Not to mention the fluctuating levels of temperature and carbon dioxide. Don't get me wrong, I know the earth is warming and that mankind is most likely speeding up the process but I still think it's just too arrogant to think that humans can change the earth to such an extreme.

  • Global warming and global cooling both have periodically occurred over a course of many millenia.

    Carbon dioxide levels have climbed as high as the present approximately 1500 years ago, and are expected to gradually cool down. Some people have even forecasted a new ice age in the near future, while others predict that the temperatures may rise farther. Neither party is wrong: The carbon dioxide levels gradually rise as the climate cycle continues! Therefore, I conclude we have nothing to worry about. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE SHOULD NOT ALL GO GREEN. THAT IS STILL OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE!

  • The Politicians are lying to you!

    “Climate is not a constant. We go through periods where it’s much warmer and much cooler, and periods where it’s wetter and dryer,” said Dr. David R. Legates, of the Center for Climate Research at the University of Delaware. “The one thing we can say about climate in the future is that it will change.”

    In fact, humans have already felt the effects of warming and cooling cycles. The Roman Warming lasted from 200 BC-600 AD followed by the Dark Ages Cooling, followed by the Medieval Warming which lasted until 1300 AD and the Little Ice Age which ended in 1850,
    Giving an inconvenient observation, Legates said that the carbon dioxide is not the biggest contributor to climate change. “The sun is the key ingredient to climate,” said Legates. “99.9% of the energy on the earth that goes into the climate comes from sun.”

    Dr. Willie Soon, astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, agreed with Legates’s research.

    “The sun is the main driver and supplier of energy, and it is the true external driver of the…climate system,” said Soon. “There are no other forces on earth that could supply that energy for air to move around

    Legates said that some policy makers actually ask scientists to change their findings to match theirs if they are not in agreement. Many scientists actually amend their official documents for the legislators, he said.

  • Here you are plain as day

    “Global Warming” does not exist nor does “Global Cooling”. The Earth is just going threw cycles. In the 1960's they were saying we were going into our next “ice age”. And now in the 2000's they are saying we were going into what we know it as many things, “global warming, the green house effect, claimant change, and ext”.
    So the proof of how global cooling and warming doesn’t exist. NOAA has been watching the over warming and the over cooling since 1918 to 2010, and records and charts show there is a spike in climate change either to the cold or to the hot side every 10 or so years . What is this showing? Well it shows that Earth goes threw cycles every 10 or so years. 2013 the Earth has now gone into the cold cycle, and guess what its been about 10 years. Our last Global Cooling was around 2005. That means it has been about 8 years. Which would be about right for the next cycle.
    It very hard to find correct information on this subject. Because all the non-global warming people think the Earth is global cooling, and all the non-global cooling people think the Earth is global warming. Or they just believe what they do. One thing that scientist have to convenes people about global warming is CO2 is going up, but the temperatures will only go up for a certain period of time. Then the cycle will shift gears and some other scientist will come up will a explanation of the cooling.
    So polar bears, ok they're not dieing out or going to all be dead in 2040. In the 1950's there was about 5,000 polar bears known on Earth. Now in 2005 the population has grow to 20,000 – 25,000. There is should be no worries about the polar bears. And the fund raisers I bet those people are getting rich off a people who believe in global warming.

  • Privilege not advantage

    The people who think global warming is a natural cycle are so ignorant, just because it may or not be a natural cycle doesn't mean you shouldn't do something about what we are doing for our future generations. It's just a stupid excuse for people who cant admit to doing wrong to the earth. The earth is a privilege not something to take advantage of; without earth we wouldn't be alive.

  • No it is not

    Global warming is not a natural cycle because if it was, why is there such a sudden push to be more aware of it now? Humans have affected the Earth in so many ways and that is not just a cyclical thing. Our technological advancements and way of living have destroyed the Earth and we have to deal with it.

  • No it is not.

    Global warming does not seem like a natural cycle to me. It seems like it is more of a man made cycle that is coming because of the amount of pollution and buildings we keep adding to this earth. It is hotter in cities because we have buildings trapping the air, it is going to be worse when we run out of space and have only cities.

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  • We pollute the earth.

    We need to get more people to be against hurting the environment cause the Earth is having so many changes. We need to help the Earth and not kill it. Why are we polluting the Earth with gas for our cars. We need to help and we need to save earth.

  • Global Warming is nothing good

    Global warming is not natural it is caused by the pollution we create, the other pollutants we put in the air , and greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide we form by cut down the rain forests. This generation has caused the sea level, the temperature, and the amount of carbon dioxide int he air to rise rapidly. This is not mother nature! This is the work of made mankind and it's machines.

  • Yes/No

    It is part of Earths natural cycle to shift into different climate breaches, however human air chemicals released into the ozone layer eat up the chemicals that absorb the heat from the UV radiation rays. Since the Earth already has a natural cycle that it goes by, this speeds up the process of global warming.

  • No, we our behaviors are causing the earth to warm up

    Global warming is not a natural cycle. Instead, it is the result holes in the ozone layers. Behaviors of modern day society are destroying the ozone layer with excess greenhouse gas. Even if this isn't the cause and global warming is a natural cycle, that doesn't mean that we as a society can't do more to reduce pollution.

  • No, global warming is not a natural cycle.

    Of course the globe warms on its on, but the rate at which we are experiencing global warming is not at all natural. The products and pollution men dump into the atmosphere creates a growing hole in the ozone layer. The ozone layer shields the earth form the sun's powerful rays and heat. As the hole gets bigger, the earth gets warmer. If the hole gets bigger due to our pollution, then the warming is not natural but man made.

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