• Imagine a snow globe

    The crap we're pumping into the atmosphere obviously has an effect on the environment to deny that is foolish. Just look at the data and anyone with an over double digit IQ can see it. Okay so the earth is a closed system right this junk doesn't just bleed off into space cause space is a vacuum, and while yes through natural processes the earth recycles carbon emissions
    But it's a long process. All the while we continually pump more of this poison into the air. Look towards China the smog is so bad you can't step foot outside without a mask of some sort, is that the kind of world you want for your children? I'm so sorry none of you understand basic science.

  • YES it is

    If we dont do something right away, it will only get worse. If we procrastinate, it will end up being too late. We dont want to give all our problems to the future generation-they dont need that! We want our kids to have a healthy Earth, and live safe lives on our precious Earth

  • Global Warming is a Big Deal

    Global warming has proven its harmful effects in recent years. Because of these effects, the temperature of the Earth has risen at least a few degrees Fahrenheit. Since the Earth was not taken care of as much as it should be, global warming as occurred and it seems to only be getting worse. It could eventually lead to terrible natural disasters.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe global warming is a pressing concern for modern society, however the ability to disseminate correct information has been disturbed by those that support the oil industry. I think global warming is very serious and it will cause the human population many problems over the coming decade. We could stop and try to help, but at this point our efforts may be pointless.

  • It's not that bad.

    No, global warming is not a pressing concern for modern society, because there is no proof that it is causing changes in weather. Global warming is the new ozone hole. Before that we were all going to die of pollution. This is just a way for environmentalists to scare school children.

  • No, global warming is not a pressing issue for society.

    I do not think that the issue with global warming is something that is a pressing issue for society. I think that it is something that has been hyped up by the media. I do not think there is a danger with the theory of global warming . It is something that is being pushed by the politicians and parties.

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