• The threat is real

    We need to be concerned as a society because the global temperature continues to rise yearly. This is a serious matter that needs to be taking care of immediately. If our leaders get together and discuss how to fix the problem then we might stand a chance. However, if we fail to step up and take charge, catastrophic events may ensue.

  • Global warming is a big threat

    I don't think we know enough about global warming, and the world should do more to understand what we doing to the environment. Since this could impact the world severely, we should take it more seriously. Dangerous new weather patterns can threat the stability of the world, such as stronger hurricanes and tornadoes.

  • Global Warming is real

    Yes, global warming is real. This debate has to stop. The earth is round, not flat, and getting hotter, every single day. The science is there, its been proven, where is the debate? We all drive, we all need goods created at plants that release chemicals, we see what those gases do.

  • The world is changing

    Many people still are reluctant to believe it but the fact of the matter is that global warming is affecting our very lives now. Crops are being affected, weather, even migration patterns of animals is being affected. Famine is increasing in places where the situation was already bad. Especially in Africa and South America.

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