Is global warming and climate change caused by humans?

Asked by: WilliamsP
  • Yes it is

    Global warming and climate change is natural to some degree. But humans are speeding up the process. We are making the planet change most drastically than in the past and instead of getting colder and warmer, it just gets warmer. Science has shown the negative effect of many man made things on our planet.

  • YES...If you do not county Apollo

    ...IFyou do not count the little yellow/red glowing nuclear fireball in the sky, who regulates our temperature through its sun spots. These sun spots regulate the amount of radiation that leaves the inner parts of the god Apollo...Bit dramatic I know. But yes humans are responsible if you do not count the nuclear god in the sky. If you do not count it then of course .

    Posted by: N711
  • I think it is a man made phenomenon in part.

    We have a few known sources. Animals. The Heat Island effect. Emissions. But I think there are a number of other serious contributors that we have no control over. I think GCC is not the most important ecological crises facing our planet. We have AIDS, Malaria, and Dirty Water to deal with first. I strongly encourage everyone to watch the movie "Cool It". I also encourage people to check out a guy named Bjorn Lomberg He takes GCC seriously and doesn't think it's a hoax or that it's not important. He just thinks it should be kept in perspective and we should employ cost effective means to fight it.

  • Humans are not the sole threat, but low information Voters are!

    Global warming is a scientific scam cultivated to incite radical control over masses that are weak minded. The fact that in recent news a Antarctic Rescue ship had to save a Global warming research crew. The Australian expedition researching the effect global warming has on Antarctica's ice ring is "stuck in our own experiment" as 2014 rolls in. The Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy, has been trapped in ice near Antarctica since last Tuesday. Even before this incident, ICE in the Arctic was recorded in the 4th quarter of 2013 as a Record high in almost 20 years. Looks to me that if Global warming is happening then it must be to the scientific computers of these bozo money hungry scientist melting down with fallacy. 141 Scientist in 2010 even challenged supporters of the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused climate change to demonstrate that:

    1) Variations in global climate in the last hundred years are significantly outside the natural range experienced in previous centuries:
    2) Humanity’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other ‘greenhouse gases’ (GHG) are having a dangerous impact on global climate;
    3) Computer-based models can meaningfully replicate the impact of all of the natural factors that may significantly influence climate;
    4) Sea levels are rising dangerously at a rate that has accelerated with increasing human GHG emissions, thereby threatening small islands and coastal communities;
    5) The incidence of malaria is increasing due to recent climate changes;
    6) Human society and natural ecosystems cannot adapt to foreseeable climate change as they have done in the past;
    7)Worldwide glacier retreat, and sea ice melting in Polar Regions , is unusual and related to increases in human GHG emissions;
    8) Polar bears and other Arctic and Antarctic wildlife are unable to adapt to anticipated local climate change effects, independent of the causes of those changes;
    9) Hurricanes, other tropical cyclones and associated extreme weather events are increasing in severity and frequency;
    10) Data recorded by ground-based stations are a reliable indicator of surface temperature trends.
    THE FACT: that no known scientific group has been able to provide compelling data or prove the theory does not stop the ignorance of groups continuing to poor billions into a project that has had little to no effect in our knowledge of the supposed "Global Warming" doom preached. It is not the responsibility of ‘climate realist’ scientists to prove that dangerous human-caused climate change is not happening. Rather, it is those who propose that it is, and promote the allocation of massive investments to solve the supposed ‘problem’, who have the obligation to convincingly demonstrate that recent climate change is not of mostly natural origin and, if we do nothing, catastrophic change will ensue. To date, this they have utterly failed to do so.


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