• Even James Hansen, the father of anthropogenic global warming, concedes the point.

    Fact: Earth surface temperature rose steadily (along with CO2 levels) in the last 2 decades of the 20th century.

    Fact: 32% of all CO2 put into the atmosphere by humans since 1750 was put there since 2000

    Fact: Earth surface temperatures have not risen statistically since 1998.

    This can only mean that climate scientists vastly overestimated climate sensitivity to CO2.

  • Earth naturally fluctuates

    What we do has a little influence but what the earth does on its own is epic. Throughout time, we have gone through periods of much greater warming AND cooling. We cannot compete with what nature does. It is a short time period that the models for global warming are based on. So far, they are not correct. Scientists right now are baffled with the standstill of the supposed warming trend. The models are theories that plug in data not relevant to what the earth is doing, just what we are doing. They are flawed.

  • Temperatures are at a standstill

    Temperatures are at a standstill, and have been since 1998, that is the latest scientific consensus, (I would say "fact" but its all conjecture) simple as that, as for businesses ,climate change, is a business, and an excuse to charge a levy, or extra tax on gas and electricity.
    We all detest pollution but its not going to affect this planets temperature, so we should find another way to stop the way we treat this planet, because its not helping when we all concentrate on "climate change".
    So check out the latest "scientific"findings, check them against previous "scientific " findings and realise that the scientists know about as much as the layman/

  • It has happened before, and it will happen again. 1100 years ago the waters between Greenland and Baffin Island was ice free in summer.

    The thinning of the ice in the Arctic is caused by active submerged volcanoes, but never, never mentioned by reporters, or so-called 'credible' scientists, because that would spoil their research grants.

    First the temperature rose, and as that happened, the oceans (70 % or earth's surface) started to give off CO2 into the atmosphere. As soon as we get severe cold spells, the CO2 will sink back into the oceans again.

    Elevated CO2 in the atmosphere enhances growth of vegetation. Without the approx. 390ppm. CO2, we would have massive starvation on earth.

    Until the scientists can prove why the ice fields on other heavenly bodies are also shrinking, presently, I will not buy the AGW MYTH.

  • Global Warming at a Standstill

    The "standstill" temperature is at a much higher level than existed at any year in the prior decade except for the single year 1998, which had the strongest El Nino of the century. However, the standstill has led to a widespread assertion that "global warming has stopped". We shall see. If this plateau in global average temperatures continues for a few more years, it will call the projections made by current computer climate models seriously into question.

  • Global Warming Is At A Standstill

    As of today, it is safe to say global warming is at a standstill. I think some just do not believe in it and others trying very hard to make others aware but are falling short with their attempts. Handling global warming is such a huge task that it is difficult to get everyone on the same page and that is why it is at a standstill.

  • No!

    Do you guys all know about According to this website, in 1959, the first year with a full year of instrument data, the average annual concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is 315.98 parts per million (ppm), then it increased each year. Now, the number has reached 393.84ppm, while the amount permitted is just 350ppm. It means that our Earth is polluted seriously. And of course, this leads to climate change and many other effects. After Kyoto Protocol, we have done few things to save our Earth. Although COP has reached some results, we still need more and more actions. We need the Earth, please save it because it is saving our lives. For a better world!

  • No, it is definitely getting worse.

    The scientific data supporting anthropogenic climate change is in such large quantities that only special interests, and those allied to them, claim otherwise. The last month which was cooler than average was 27 years ago. Ice coverage in the Arctic Sea is at all-time lows. The vast majority of climate scientists are in consensus. The only reason this is even an issue is because there are significant business interests which would suffer from measures to curb the effect, and these interests have loud mouthpieces on Fox News and other such sites.

  • No, we are dealing with global warming!

    I agree, we have done very little to stop global warming! We are over consuming of natural resources and we do not use energy wisely! If we do not stop over consuming, global warming will take effect and it will be too late for us to stop global warming! We need to do something about the way we live before it is too late!

  • No, it is still advancing

    We have done very little to stop "global warming" (read: global climate change) that it is impossible that it is at a "standstill." Since when does wishing for something make it true? Just because people want it to be over doesn't mean it is. It is going to take many, many years of hard work and change to even stop it, let alone reverse it.

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