• There is no Debate (and the "Debate" Obscures other issues)

    Fisheries are collapsing globally. Amphibian populations plummeting. Honey bee colonies are on artificial life-support. Coral reefs are bleaching in greater quantities and at faster speeds than ever known in human civilization. Rainforest is being destroyed at unprecedented rates. Mercury and Radiation are entering our food chains in greater quantities than ever before. Man-made carcinogens and engineered bio-chemical toxic compounds are being pumped into groundwater supplies and the atmosphere and now can be traced in the bloodstreams of new-borns. And there are still people saying there is a "debate" about our impact on the climate? Long-term Greenland ice-pack is melting. CO2 parts per million are the highest in the atmosphere at any time in human existence. Sea levels are rising. And there is still a "debate"?

  • This didn't happen in the 1700s.

    Back in the 1700s, there was no global warming, and no cars or factories. Now there are, and that is contributing to the global warming problem. In the U.S. alone, most families have two or three cars. If you drive them every day, that is letting more and more CO2 into the air.

  • Yes, The Use Of Fossil Fuels By Humans Causes Global Warming

    The use fossil fuels by humans are responsible for an increase in the amount of CO2 in the environment and a corresponding drop in the amount of oxygen available. These two factors in combination contribute to the greenhouse effect, where the Earth's thermal radiation (heat) is absorbed by atmosphere and redirected all directions. This results in the increase of the Earth's average surface temperature.

  • Yes, all evidence suggests this.

    Using scientific study, we have already confirmed that the majority of the climate change we are seeing is due to man-made phenomena, particularly the excessive use of fossil fuels, as well as the release of methane from large scale farming. There are too many people on the planet using too much energy.

  • Man made instructors.

    Global warming is eventually a pollutants caused by human reactions towards nature. Nowadays, human cut down trees to build up a new factory which can cause a lot of terrible pollutants. Global warming are one of it.

    First, since today's world are condemned by a lot of factory work, the amount of air pollution leads to a dreadful global warning. The effects of industrial works is global warming. The smoke that coming out of the funnel aren't filtered and all the carbons and toxins are released through the air.
    Next, some countries didn't apply these eco-friendly concept. Example, going to work by a car instead of a bicycle or any vehicle which contain less amount of carbon monoxide release. Therefore, human are the causes of global warming. It is important to conserve forest and plant more trees. while humans, cut em down and make furniture, and as to sell for making money.

  • Global warming is caused by humans.

    We have only noticed global warming since the early 1900s. Wouldn't all the natural cause have started global warming before then? Scientists are 95% certain that humans are the main cause of global warming. They also say that continued emissions of greenhouse gases will cause further global warming and changed in the climate system.

  • Global warming is humans fault

    Global warming has only started when we have been using cars and electricity and stuff like that. And we are the only people chopping down trees and burning the wood to make plastic and all that bad stuff goes into the atmosphere. Global warming wasn't happening when we just used horses and daylight. So global warming is gonna keep happening unless we stop wasting.

  • Warming of the planet

    Climate change is the consequence of unchecked pollution. When carbon emissions caused by human activity enter the air they have dangerous effects on the environment, the economy, and our wellbeing. But just as humans cause it, we can halt its progress.

    'Climate change' generally refers to a long-term change (usually an increase) in global temperatures. Since the beginning of the last century, the average global temperature has risen by 0.75 degrees, and over the coming decades the world could see a further rise in average temperature of up to 4 degrees, with some regions of the world experiencing temperature rises of as much as 16 degrees.
    Climate change doesn't just cause temperatures to rise (indeed in some places temperatures have fallen), scientists also believe that climate change is causing an increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters

  • Clearly human activities are to blamed for.

    Although this may be a 'natural' cycle of Earth becoming warmer, I strongly believe that human activities are still encouraging global warming through various methods. These includes deforestation (removal of carbon sinks), CO2 production (through burning fossil fuels or simply respiration from overpopulation). Obviously, these increase in greenhouse gas will contribute to global warming.

  • It does exist

    Scientists know that recent climate change is largely caused by human activities from an understanding of basic physics, comparing observations with models, and fingerprinting the detailed patterns of climate change caused by different human and natural influences. These unique fingerprints are easier to see by probing beyond a single number (such as the average temperature of Earth’s surface), and looking instead at the geographical and seasonal patterns of climate change.

  • Not enough information

    I don't think the global warming caused by humans side as produced enough solid information without bias or doctoring or cherry picking of evidence. Many "trusted" reports actually have many flaws when you do more research. For example, one site claims 97% of scientists agree with human caused climate change, but if you look beneath this amazing statistic, you find that the question did not imply this at all. At most 75% agree. Now the anti-human caused climate change also does the same thing, yet truly they don't need an argument, since only the pro's do. Until better evidence occurs, I'm not going to definitely say yes. I'm not definitely saying no either, but more of a not enough information. Remembering correlation does not imply causation is important.

  • Remember Caspian Sea

    I just remember the story with Caspian Sea water level a few decades ago. It dropped dramatically (3m) in 50 years. There was a number of hydroelectric power plants constructed in mid-20th century on Volga, stealing water from downstream, and everybody in the region was panicky that Caspian sea faces the same fate as the Aral sea. Even some measures were taken to restore the water levels, like separating it from the Garabogazköl bay that worked as a huge evaporator.
    However, in 1977 the water started to rise, and in 1995 reached the original level of 1929. It was just another natural cycle, unknown to people.

  • Earth's climate changes naturally

    Earth's climate is constantly fluctuating, at the moment it is warming slightly. It's a cyclical process. We are in fact, now technically in an ice age, as Earth's poles are frozen. Scientists don't agree that humans are creating global warming, it's just a hot topic in the media. Humans do however, create pollution which damages the ozone layer, and that should be stopped.

  • Fires too

    Global warming can be caused by other things besides just humans. Air polution can be caused by fires, and other chemicals getting into the air. I think humans speed up the process by poluting the air at such as fast space, but I do not think the responsibility is solely on humans.

  • Its not cause by humans

    Its not cause by humans because its not caused by humans i know its not caused by humans because its not if you know what i mean i mean its not caused by humans because MOST PEOPLE sit AT HOME and WATCH TV and be lazy for the whole day

  • It's Just Another Cycle

    Global warming is just a money scam. Our world is just going through another cycle. We had an ice age, a dry age, a water age, the world is just doing what it needs to do. Of course humans can definitely be more eco friendly, but that doesn't mean we need to donate 100's of dollars to organizations for "Global Warming"

  • Not Enough Evidence.

    If there was a way for humans to completely guess and make sure for clarify if people are, in fact, the reason why there is global warming. Thus I do not believe whether or not people are the main cause of global warming. People can agree or disagree with what I say. But this is why I think.

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