• a mountain out of a hole

    yes there is warming all around the world
    scientists may hv discovered that earth is warming but they really have made a mountain out of a mud hole... just a stance of publicity blah bblah.
    a simple natural phenomena is converted into a crisis
    inside story is that it is just a natural element of nature like rainfall
    immagine if scitst say that tainfall is due to human activities ect yes here is also the same case

  • This needs a little explaining.

    this question is worded in a weird way, it is not true that man had any influence of global climate change. it is a natural cycle.

  • Climategate

    - Just look up 'climategate' -
    There is no global warming in fact there is an argument we may be heading into an ice age as was the prevailing argument in the '70s. The fact is that climate changes.

    Note the greenhouse effect was disproven, now the new catch phrase is global warming is just another name for the same thing. It is terrible that our care for the world is being manipulated to give politicians an extra layer of corrupt beuracracy at the world government level where they give themselves UN jobs by making a carbon tax and creating a world government to take the tax and conduct the 'trading'. Compare a volcano to the output of man and you will see how ridiculously miniscule mans part is in terms ofgreenhouse gases.
    Please take look at pollution as pollution and legislate to fix the smog or remove chemical pollution, nearly everyone if they are able to save money (or provided rebate incentives) without being taxed even more would be inclined to spend on solar etc. as they would not have to pay the electricity company so much, think about that!
    Its corrupt goverment that pollutes eg. flouride poisoning our water supplies, stopping bitter almonds from being grown and sold, preventing iodised silver from being used, etc etc. If you care about the planet you should care about the TRUTH. Because doing things based on lies is deceiving yourself. Better to face the truth and be responsible for yourself and thus enable and encourage others to also be responsible. We don't need a government to lie to us to get us to care! LOVE
    PS. what do you think a government that makes money from carbon tax will want to do to carbon production if they want to get more money!?

  • Global warming is fictitious through the intended channels. It is a natural event, not man-made, that occurs throughout the history of our planet.

    The current Global Warming myth can be encapsulated by the false study commissioned by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) which has actually conducted no research. Furthermore, it was politicized through Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth", which if true, would have been proven correct as of 2010. And yet, none of his predictions have occurred true. Lastly, there has been no proof given, to date, that global warming is man-made, only corrupt data and biased research teams with an alternative agenda have surfaced so far.

    Posted by: Asher Cummings
  • Global warming is real and is simply a small part of a larger global problem.

    Global warming is unfortunately a real event that is happening and harming our Earth every day. The term global warming seems to confuse some people or appears too broad in definition. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't be paying attention. We are overbuilding, polluting and damaging our atmosphere. Whether we call that global warming or not, it's still a huge problem that we are facing.

    Posted by: D35General
  • Global warming is a scare tactic for the green energy movement and consumerism.

    I believe that the modern concept of global warming is fictitious. In the early periods of the 20th century, everyone was scared of global cooling. Now people are scared of global warming. Ice cores show that the earth goes through many cyclical trends ranging for an increase in temperature to periods of decrease in global temperature. I think that most facts today about global warning are fallacies and that the changes we are seeing are natural cycles that the earth are going through.

    Posted by: tadaoantonio
  • There have been huge rises and falls in the earth's temperatures through the ages and this will happen whether or not man is active on the planet.

    There have been ice ages, meteors, volcanic eruptions and other natural events which have a far higher influence on the earth's overall temperature than anything mankind has done. The earth will get hotter and colder according to complex natural cycles and the system regulates itself, as is demonstrated by ice core samples.

    Posted by: puff puff
  • It's basic science, we can all understand it.

    We all learn a principle discovered by Tyndall in the mid nineteenth century; carbon dioxide and some other gases capture more low wavelength electromagnetism (I. E. Infrared) than other gases like O2, or nitrogen.

    In other words, some gases heat up more from light than other gases. You can perform this experiment at home, it's been done many times, and it is a fact.

    Secondly, we know the chemical composition of the gases that are released when we burn things. We can measure them, and we can also calculate the total amount released world wide. Burning coal, for instance, releases a lot of carbon dioxide. It's important to remember that this CO2 was locked up in a rock and buried before we got to it. It's not just a cow fart from eating grass. That's natural. Remember, we're doing things that are above that, releasing new sources of carbon into the atmosphere.

    These two facts alone would lead most people to the rational conclusion that the burning of fossil fuels and the release of greenhouse gases will have an overall warming effect on the planet, and they would be correct.

    We have satellites in orbit that measure the amount of light (energy) that hits our lovely planet and warms it up. These same satellites can measure the amount of light that the earth reflects and sends back into space, thus cooling it. Year after year the earth radiates less light back into space, even though it receives more or less the same amount. This proves, conclusively, that we are experiencing a strengthening greenhouse effect.

    To conclude, there is waaay more evidence than this, indeed entry verified from organizations around the globe time and time again. That's science. Anyone can review the raw data and check it out. They do review it, no academy of science or governmental science body has rejected the theory of global warming, and a very large number whole-heartedly endorse and agree with it.

    It is happening, it is us, and we must do something about it. God isn't going to save us. We can and are and likely will end up destroying our survivable cozy world's climate.

  • Global warming is not fictious

    When there was not so much progress in the world , the natural calamities were not much disastrous as compared to the present day calamities . According to a study the earth,s temperature ( average ) have risen to about 2 degree Celsius . All these have lead to immense melting of glaciers & thus in disastrous calamities . Moreover the main glaciers of the world have got shrink ed . So one can on what basis say that global warming is fictitious .

  • Global warming is happening

    People ,open your eyes to the reality.This is what is happening to our birthland.Changing of weather,melting of ice caps it is enough evidence for anyone to believe in it.And we are the real cause behind this all I still hope we could do anything to save our planet.One of the evidence for changing of weather is the snowfall in Egypt have you ever seen anything like that before in a century.

  • I do not think global warming is fictitious.

    I understand a lot of people do not trust every source and they need solid proof. However, if you look around us the proof is everywhere. It began when the seasons started getting harsh and the water levels were rising. I do not need to go and see the ice caps melting to know the water levels are rising and the weather is changing. I believe global warming is true, and we should try and preserve as much of the Earth as possible.

    Posted by: DistinctJamar63
  • Global warming is not fictitious, because our effects on the environment are obvious.

    I do not believe that global warming is fictitious. We are doing several negative things to our planet, which all have an effect. We are using products, and destroying natural landscaping which, together, is causing damage to the Earth. By polluting, using gases, cutting down trees, and destroying our Earth, there are consequences, and global warming is just one of them.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73
  • Science has already shown it true

    Science has already proven it to be true, the only remaining questions are to what extent man is involved, and what kind of "damage" it will really do, but as far as the actual existance of GW, that has been proven.

  • I do not think that global warming is fictitious because scientific evidence supports global warming.

    For years scientists have studied global warming and have tried to explain what is happening. Unfortunately, it appears as if global warming is a reality that we must deal with. The Earth has been in cycles for millenia, rotating between cold periods, like ice ages, to hot ones. Our current trend, one that has gone on since industrialization, does not follow this trend. While it would be nice if global warming were a lie, it is really an inconvenient truth.

    Posted by: LongBo86
  • No, I do not think global warming is fictitious.

    I do not think global warming is fictitious, because I think that all of the things that are happening in the world right now with the weather, and other natural disasters, are in a way related to the global warming. The fact that it's staying warm a lot of the time, instead of getting cool.

    Posted by: SeriousNestor34
  • Global warming is most definitely not a figment of anyone's imagination, because the proof is all around us.

    You have only to look at the devastation all around us to realize that the earth is undergoing major climate change. It's a common misconception that global warming refers only to hotter temperatures. Some of the signs of global warming are increased storms, including tornadoes and hurricanes, more severe winters, and melting of polar ice caps. In the last few months, we have experienced all of these and more. The only question is how we're going to stop global warming, not whether or not it exists.

    Posted by: TrainLock
  • I am convinced of global warming, because of the overwhelming scientific evidence.

    Much like the "debate" between science and ID, the scientific community is very much on one side of this issue. The evidence is clear to scientists in many different fields and disciplines. Increasing amounts of carbon in the atmosphere cause more sunlight reflected from the earth's surface to be bounced back, allowing less of it to escape.

    Posted by: LudicrousJosh83

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