• The last time the CO2 concentration was at today's levels was millions of years ago; CO2 is changing 25000 times faster than ever before.

    The problem is not with the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, but with the speed at which it is happening. Humans have only recently begun burning fossil fuels, and CO2 concentrations have skyrocketed only very recently as well. It cannot be a coincidence!

    Changes in CO2 levels tend to change the climate afterwards through processes such as the greenhouse effect. With CO2 levels changing thousands of times faster than before, we will soon see the climate changing rapidly as well!

  • Look at the past 2000 years

    One could assume that nowadays people are smart enough to understand a graph with a time scale on the x-axis and the temperature scale on the y-axis. While some people here quote some crazy professor or the majority of the scientists to claim something, you can look at the data yourself:

  • Most of scientists believe

    Scientists have argued about global warming for ages, but most of scientists believe in global warming. In fact 97% of them agree that it is real and caused by humans. This is more than enough proof that it is real. The people that don't believe think that scientists are nuts, but if your going to say that 97% of scientists are wrong, YOUR going nuts

  • Yes, it is happening.

    It's is funny that people are painting anthropogenic global warming as a sort of political issue stirred up by Al Gore. Well, it may well be used as a political asset in the US, but in the rest of the world, rather than debating on whether AGW is a political ploy, people are debating on how best to resolve the problem. In any case, there is a plenty of evidence to support AGW. There's a user on DDO who has been visiting mountains in cold areas for years and noticed a gradual shrink in glacier size. Permafrost, ice caps, etc. are melting as well. Vegetation belts are shifting poleward, along with the animals. Extreme weather is increasing in frequency and intensity. Most of all, from personal experience, winter is certainly disappearing progressively, where I live.

  • The world is HOT AF

    I live in southern California and it is very hot. If the world is hot that means the world is getting warmer thus proving global warming. It is real it is real it is real it is real it is real it is real it is real it is real.

  • Yes, it's happening.

    Earth is warming up as it usually does. But can we do anything about it now? Probably not. But what we can do, is deal with the problems related to why people believe their's a global warming. A lot of information provided in the Al Gore scare attempt was highly controversial and not a lot of people agree with it. What can be agreed on is the industrial and community waste being produced and how it's not properly taken care of.

    We can complain and gripe about it all but in the end who's taking any actions to actually try and handle a problem that, even if it wasn't a problem, might actually become a problem in the future? Why waste resource and man power on something we don't even have factual evidence on? The better question is, why not? Proper waste disposal has been one of the biggest issue that's trying to be tackled and when everyone hears that there might be a chance we're on a downhill ride to oblivion because of that waste we go all bananas.

    Trying to do something about it is better than watching things deteriorate to an extent that it becomes obvious. Then that will be when we really go bananas.

  • It is a real thing that is going on.

    First, it is a fact that having certain molecules such as carbon dioxide, methane and gaseous water, when in the atmosphere, cause the greenhouse effect. The physics of this is well established.

    Just for those who do not know how exactly the physics works: What parts of the electromagnetic spectrum (light) molecules absorb depends upon their structure. Solar light comes to the earth at certain wavelengths, and a lot of these wavelengths can pass through the atmosphere generally unobstructed (Ozone absorbs a lot of the UV radiation), and then gets absorbed into the earth. But it gets re-emitted at much lower wavelengths (Blackbody radiation, basically the fact that anything with any temperature emits light). But these wavelengths are absorbed by the molecules this time, the same molecules that let the light through before, because it could at those higher wavelengths. Thus once it gets absorbed, it then gets reemitted, out of which a portion goes back to the earth. This creates a feedback loop, called the greenhouse effect.

    So, it is well established that the more greenhouse molecules in the atmosphere, the greater the greenhouse effect. In fact, our closest neighbor, Venus, has a temperature of 462 Celsius because its atmosphere is 100x denser than ours with a CO2 percentage of 96.2%. So along with having clear physics to back up the concept of global warming, there is a obvious example we also have.

    Adding up all the greenhouse emissions and absorptions creates a net increase, one that would not be there if the anthropogenic emissions were excluded. Having more greenhouse gasses there are in the atmosphere, the greater the greenhouse effect and the higher the average global temperature. And since the reason that the greenhouse gasses are increasing in the atmosphere is due to anthropogenic reasons, then humanity is to blame for the correlating increase in temperature.

    There is ample of evidence that the global mean temperature is increasing, as a correlation with the increase in greenhouse gasses. The greenhouse effect should be happening according to the science that the past 100 billion (aprox) people came up with over the existence of the human species, and it is happening according to the evidence of ice melting, increasing global mean temperature and the amount greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere data.

  • Yes - it's hard to deny the evidence. But are we doing the right thing to stop it?

    It’s hard not to believe that a warming trend is taking place and that the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the probable cause. After all it’s undeniable that a +50% increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the air has taken place since the eighteenth century. However many scientists have difficulty with the linking the atmospheric changes to man-made carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning. The reason is that the man-made source (currently around 10 billion metric tons of carbon per year) is still only a few per cent of the 200 billion tons of carbon that enters the atmosphere each year from natural processes. As the 200 billion tons has been successfully absorbed by photosynthesis in plants for millions of years why has this small extra source not also been absorbed – by slightly increasing the annual amount of plant growth (so called carbon fertilisation effect)? The plot of a new fictional book “The Silent Extinction” suggests an alternative explanation with some very scary implications. Background information can be found at Check out the sources and decide for yourself.

  • Of Course yes

    I just find it incredibly funny how stupid humans can be. But anyways, i live in NYC and last year (2015) winter barely existed lol. Meaning that it was very warm compare to previous years. It was so warm that i saw people in shorts and t-shirts out in the streets. Also, the ice caps are melting which means an increase in water levels! Polar bears are dying due to the climate change. We are slowly destroying planet earth and we are going to kill ourselves.

  • Sure. The climate is changing, but we should be focusing on adapting not stopping it.

    I'm fairly confident that the climate is changing and we have some role in that. I also feel like, in the long run, it was going to change due to some natural process anyway. In either case, I think we ought to be focusing more on adapting to a changing climate than trying to control it. Realistically, your recycling program may feel good, but if we really wanted to just SLOW (not stop) climate change we would basically have to return to a pre-industrial economy that simply wouldn't support the number of people we have on this planet. That's just not going to happen because mass die-offs and famine aren't particularly expedient politically. Also, if we could even get the momentum to do that, are we even sure that abandoning our technology would leave us better off than a world with a different climate? Climate is EXTREMELY complex, so while we have ideas about what the impact of climate change may be, I think it is turning into doomsday prophecies and exaggerations to justify research dollars to climatologists who finally have their field on the front page of the newspaper.

    I know, I know. The hardcore environmentalists will say that we SHOULD have some kind of die off and we are some kind of cancer on the earth. However, if that is true, who the heck are you trying to save the earth for? The squirrels? Just your family and friends?

    I'm sorry, I just can't get on board with the anti-humanist leaning environmentalists.

    Just like humanity has done forever, we just need to adapt.

  • Underdogs forever bro!

    3% of scientists believe that Global Warming isn't a thing. I am a supporter of the underdog and figure that obvious questions with obvious answers can only be answered by those ready to rise up against the academic body and give a greater sense of greatness that can only be conjured through defiance.

  • No warming for 18 years.

    We have seen no average increase of global temperatures since 1997. Therefore, right now, global warming is not happening. Also, the 97% figure is completely false. Basically this Australian blogger and some buddies looked through 12,000 supposed scientific excerpts or papers, and said that 97% of them supported the idea that global warming is real, dangerous, and caused by humans. However, a professor and coauthors soon after reviewed the same articles and found that only 0.3% of the papers supported the idea. Now I don't know about you, but I am pretty sure the a professor would be much better at reviewing papers than some blogger. Furthermore, there are over 30,000 scientists who are openly opposed to the idea of Anthropogenic Global Warming and have even signed a petition stating that the government should stop restricting global emissions because there is no substantial evidence that Co2 causes warming. Let me put in a math equation. 30,000>0.3% of 12,000.

  • Not a priority

    When the President of the United States addresses the graduating class of 2015 of the US Coast Guard Academy with the threat climate change is his #1 priority agenda commencement speech over the despicable atrocities and the loss of life due to ISIS in the middle east I know for sure, without a doubt, hands down it's not happening...

  • Anthropogenic warming is a laughable farce.

    The planet has been warming and cooling since its existence. The thought that mankind is killing this planet with carbon emissions is a farce. Does global warming exist yes. Is man causing it, highly improbable.
    Whenever someone tells you the debate is over, ask them when the debate took place. This statement is best translated, "I don't care what you think, or what the facts say, I can profit off ignorance by scaring people that are poorly informed, or too lazy to think for themselves".

  • Yes and no.

    I do not believe global warming is happening in the way most people see it. The idea that man is causing global warming is a scam that was invented by Al Gore to make money off of industries in the United States. Changes in the sun magnetic field are causing the world to temporarily warm, not carbon dioxide emissions.

  • No no no!

    IT IS ALL A HOAX SO WE BUY MORE ICE AND SMOOTHIES! If it was really gonna get warmer nothing we could do could stop it gods will absolute n' crap! GO TEAM COOLEST NOT GLOBAL WARMING GLOBAL WARMING SUX AND IS ALL FAKE AND NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like screw green team.

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