Is global warming natural (yes) or is it caused by humans (no)?

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  • No real proof

    To much lies been told about it
    We wouldn't be here if there wasn't global warming. The ocean is not rising
    There is more ice been formed
    Temperatures haven't changed that much in the last 10 years t
    Plus there hasn't been enough historical data gathered yet to prove other wise.

  • Global warming is natural

    Global warming is a natural event. It would happen with or without man on the Earth. However man on the Earth is greatly speeding up the process of global warming. What may take thousands of thousands of years without man will only take hundreds with men. That is why we still have to protect the enviornment

  • No, I do not believe that global warming is man made.

    The world has been around for billions of years, and there is that much climate data. Most climate supporters look at 100's of years worth of data to conclude we are warming. The fact of the matter is that 100's of years of data is not statistically significant enough to prove anything in the scheme of billions of years.

  • It Is Both

    I believe global warming is both natural and caused by humans. In the past there are been warm spells and times that were more tropical and generally warmer than they are today. There have also been times where it has been colder. The Earth shifts been extremes, slowly, over large expanses of time. I believe, we as humans, having burned fossil fuels at an accelerated rate for a number of years could impact this system and create global warming ourselves.

  • It does it all the time

    The earth's temperature changes all the time like the past ice ages and that UK was once a tropical country but we have sped it up from our poisonous gases we give off in everyday life like Co2 etc but it is also true that we are not the only ones giving off gases, so does the earth, methane from cows

  • Global warming is caused by humans

    Global warming is caused by humans because who works in factories people what comes out from the big pipes smoke so the smoke one and only one between tens of reasons of global warming . Another reason is that sure people don't think about the future these days and pollute

  • Global Warming is human caused.

    Global Warming is a big issue in the last 30 years and is still on the rise. What do we have to blame? Humans, if it was natural then why do it now, when factories pollution and all Earth harming chemicals are at their peak. This is because humans are causing it. This is a really big issue for all of the globe. Glaciers are melting faster than they ever have before. This is because the temperature has permanently risen 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Glaciers don't rebuild in the winter either which is even worse. Do you know what happens to melting ice? It turns into water and therefore rises the oceans water levels. This causes even more flooding and bigger tsunami waves. Not only that but because of the increased temperature, droughts and heatwaves happen even more frequently. This is why global warming is really bad. This will only lead to another mass extinction and with it humans too.

  • Global Warming is human caused

    There is so much data to support it and you can plainly see it with your own eyes if you look at pictures of the ice shelf and glaciers that have receded dramatically in the past couple of decades. I think the people who deny it in the face of scientific fact are just uncomfortable with the reality of what is happening to the earth.

  • Most likely human caused

    You can't just release millions of years of oil into the air over a couple of centuries and expect it's not going to change things. It can't definitively be stated that global warming is man made, but there is plenty to indicate that it is if you simply think about what we've done to the earth the past few generations.

  • I think that global warming is not natural. I think that it is caused by human technology.

    I think that global warming is not natural. I think that it is caused by human
    technology. Ever since the industrial revolution,
    human beings have been polluting the planet constantly without thinking about
    the long term consequences. I think that
    this is why global warming only became a serious problem in the last century.

  • It's caused by us.

    Global warming is definitely real and is definitely caused by us. The fact that global warming is real has about 97 percent of scientists and professionals on it's side. There is an enormous amount of evidence pointing to the fact that global warming is man-made. I tend to believe the experts over the wealthy business men who try to confuse people so that they don't have to be held accountable for their own pollution.

  • Global warming is human

    The evidence is quite clear global warming is caused by human activity, and denying this gets us nowhere but lining the pockets of the corporate ceo's who are profiteering off the rape of the Earth. We need to seriously address this reality now if we have any chance in the next century.

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