• We do not cause Global Warming, we are changing the parameters of earths climate.

    The Climate is an extremely complex system. For instance, even with all our technology we cannot accurately predict the weather more than a week in advance. Our climate is effected by the sun, ice cover, land mass, sea currents, seasons ect ect. There just so many variables. CO2, and other greenhouse gasses are one of them and they can trap heat on earth. This is a known fact, without an atmosphere it would be a lot colder on earth. We have now significantly increased the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere compared to before 1800. This is also an establish fact.

    The climate has changed many times and the causes and effect relations are complex on not yet fully understood. However, these changes usually happen over 1000s of years. Not within a couple of decades. Water covers much earth and also very capable of storing heat. Sea temperatures have been rising since 1970 so that's one to keep an eye on. The problem is that we can only be 100% sure about all the cause and effect relationships if we let it happen so we can study it. This is however a very unwise experiment which i don't recommend doing. The best thing to do is to stop this dangerous experiment and try to keep the emissions under control.

  • Global warming and greenhouse gases.

    Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases. Humans create the most carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels for factories. One thing that may be good by producing carbon dioxide is, it creates clouds which can cool us down. In conclusion, global warming can't be caused all naturally; and people produce things with carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

  • Burn Up, and Faster Than Ever

    When we burn fossil fuels we send tons of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere per second. And don't say natural reasons, but we do it faster than all the other reasons combined. So climate change is our fault, and quickly growing. Not I am a 7th Grader and help stop Global Warming.

  • Global warming is not real.

    I do not believe in global warming cause of butterflies. Also pancakes told me that aidan is g­á, kyl;l
    As President Trump and his administration ignore the risks to Americans and people across the globe, we need leadership from cities and states on clean energy and climate action. Tell your governor to step up and be a climate leader!

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  • We affect it

    No global warming isn't entirely our fault, but we have accelerated the process of these changes exponentially. We have emitted gases that warm our planets average temperature, and have destroyed the earth, which plays a huge part in and is a part of our climate. This means that the earth is now going through something that it has never gone through before.

  • We are Irresponsible and Greedy.

    All we care about is ourselves; we never take a moment to think about the future generations. God created this world for us to careful make use of our surroundings, not exploit them. It is a shame that perhaps our grandchildren will not be able to see the true beauty of this world.

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  • Of course it's our fault!!!!!

    Isn't it obvious that us humans are making climate change worse! We use too many fossil fuels, we drive cars that release intoxicating, ozone layer-destroying gases and do we care? No!!!! What is wrong with us? We need to clean up our act and stop being such despicable monsters.

  • It Is Real

    The earth is heating up much faster than it is supposed to be heating up. We are also releasing carbon dioxide ,a green house gas, much faster than needed. Which makes the gas unbalanced in the atmosphere. We cause this by cutting down a large amount of trees which absorb carbon ,till they die, and by burning fossil fuels.

  • Blame it on Asia

    I mean, Yes, Global Warming and all other forms of Climate Change exist, But that doesn’t mean it’s our fault. There are two problems; First, Many Other Countries don’t care (I am from the US), And Second, Asian countries (Very technology centric) and their Major Pollutants (like factories and stuff) are a source of most of Global Warming today. If we don’t try to get them to stop right now, Life just be doomed. Also, Completely pointless side note, Several Monkeys have reached the Stone Age.

  • Some like it hot!

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  • Santa Clauses fault!

    While Santa was innocently making toys, he had no idea that the smoke from his factory would cause global warming. Now there are crazy people who beleive that it is their fault when it is not their fault, humans even made up these things like fossil fuels as an excuse for it. JEEZ SANTA!!!!

  • Is global warming really our fault?

    I don't believe that global warming is our fault! Scientists have done may different tests and the more they test, the more they find about global warming. We are creating some of the heat that heats the Earth, but the world is going to go through the these warming and cooling processes no matter what. One test that supports my opinion, is the tests that have been done on Greenland's shrinking ice sheet. Scientists ran many different tests and the reason that Greenland's ice sheet is melting is, because of the lack of snow fall. Another example that can back my opinion up is, the Ice Age. The earth went through a heating process once.....Why can't it do it again?

  • Drilling in ice cores proves it

    If you search for the science of ice core Drilling you will find that the carbon footprint in the middle ages was higher than it is today. Did we have trucks and cars? No. Global warming is not caused by humans. It is a cycle of the planet. We have to combat it nevertheless because it's happening regardless of what we are doing. The reduction of emissions is secondary to reforestation. We need more plants that absorb carbon if we are to survive.

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