Is global warming real (yes) or just a bunch of scientists going to extremes (no)?

  • Global Warming is real

    It is real. You know it's real. It is scientifically proven that global warming is occuring at an alarming rate. Temperatures are rising, abnormal weather occuring more frequently more than ever before. We need to stop this before it's too late. We need to save the planet before we suffer the consequences.

  • Climate change is just

    One effect of the same thing: overpopulation. Humans capacity to self-deceive is impressing. Nobody can deny the effect of 7.2 billion of reproductive apes polluting this planet in a frenetic way to get basic resources and the worst: to accumulate money. Everybody acts as if we were the most benign being on the earth, showing photos of polar bears, baby seals and useless things like that. Just stop having too many babies!!!! The planet needs strict regulations on this subject. Otherwise... My condolences.

  • A serious, well-documented and proven threat

    Although there remains plenty of discussion around the CAUSES of global warming and around the best ways to curb it efficiently, there is NO doubt among scientists, meteorologists, that overall temperatures of the Earth's surface are and have been rising. On this point there is no argument to be made.

    Posted by: mbss
  • Yes it is real

    In my point of view, Global Warming is actually happening and evidence can support my argument. Studies are showing that global warming is highly increasing in the last four years, so, there must be something different happened in the last four years.
    Study from NASA shows that the greenhouse gas level is increasing due to human activities such as burning fossil fuels, and deforestation which are causing significant climate changes including global warming.
    In 2010, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Highly increased, which caused a noticeable increase in the global temperature. To be exact, there was an increase with 1F to 1.4F each year in the last four years.
    Finally, think about this argument and look into the big picture. We can see that there were more than 9 billions years since the earth was shaped, so, why did the global warming only exists in the 200 years only.

  • I say yes

    Although many people say that the scientists are a load of crap, I strongly believe in Global Warming. So many things are leading to destruction of the atmosphere. Hair spray is just one of the harmful things that can lead to ozone deterioration. If humans didn't pollute as much, maybe the Earth wouldn't be that bad. If we recycle, throw things away, and in general be better to mother Earth, I believe we can at least try to make the world a better place. There's a slogan from Six Flags that I really love... "Have a heart, Do your part, Help keep the park clean"
    For me, I would change the 'Park' to 'Earth' and maybe that would help me get my point across better. Some people say that I'm not good at explaining myself, but I believe that when I try my hardest to state my point, I succeed. I really hope that people would pay attention to the poor planet, and help all of he animals and people that are in danger because of Global Warming.

  • How our World is Warming Up

    Climate change affects every one of us. Teachers and scientists need to educate people the effects of global warming, the consequences, and possible solutions to it. Scientists warn that if we do not aggressively change our habits and ways of thinking now, the results will likely be disastrous.
    Global warming is real and it’s happening right now. People don’t think the world could change any time in their lifetimes, but it can. What’s happening is carbon dioxide and global warming pollutants are collecting in Earth’s atmosphere, trapping the heat inside. It’s thick enough to trap the heat, but it’s still thin enough to let the heat inside. This way the Earth will keep getting warmer and it will affect every living thing on the planet. If we burn all the coal, oil, and gas, we’re very likely to have an ice free planet with an average temperature of perhaps 80 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the current 58. Even the air you breathe could change. Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature increased at its fastest rate in recorded history. This is huge. The average U.S temperature could be 3 to 9 degrees higher. There are a lot of consequences if we don’t do anything.
    Some people in the world say global warming is no big deal. That’s not true. In fact, it will cause certain places to sink in the water such as Florida, or some places such as Greenland to melt. When the ice melts, polar bears and other arctic animals will become extinct. Gone forever. Global warming is also the cause of hurricanes, droughts, storms, and fires. Some insect species we don’t want around might increase as their predators die out. Water resources and ecosystems will all be affected. Surprisingly, climate change could also cause illnesses to extreme heat and diseases transmitted by food or drinks that will have changed through global warming. The worst part about it is we started this by polluting, but now, we’re going to have a hard time fighting it.
    So be a good person and help the world. There isn’t much we can do, but you can always recycle and stop polluting. Stop driving cars too often. Try to walk or bike to school. Other things you can do is save energy, weatherize your home, and replace your light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs. The world is at risk, and we need everyone to cooperate.
    We can act now to slow the pace of global warming and have a safer, healthier world. Or we can choose to do nothing and watch as the world gets warmer. The options are suffer the consequences, or act now. Lets do something about it now.

  • There is every reason to believe global warming, and that it is human caused, It lies in basic thermodynamics.

    The Green house effect is what causes infrared light to be beamed back down to earths surface (when atmospheric CO2, Methane or Water Vapor are present). The Parts Per Million of Atmospheric CO2 has increased from 250 Parts Per Million (from 1750's to now 400 Parts Per Million (and accelerating). That is a whopping 60% increase, and this is the highest it has been since many millions of years ago (and when they where this high those many millions of years ago, the levels certainly did not increase nearly as fast). When you increase the CO2 levels, this raises the average mean temperature, with particularly heavy temperature spikes at the poles (the Artic and Antartica). The temperature anomaly at the poles is now currently 3.2 Degrees Celsius. This causes immense melting starting at the edge of the polar ice caps (at the balance of the temperature gets tipped in favor for melting), which then decreases the albedo (the reflectivity of the earth), which then causes more heat to be captured by the earth, which further causes MORE warming (A positive feed back loop AKA run away greenhouse effect). A single degree celsius change already affects things as it is. It Creates more deserts (around already existing deserts) and where the ecosystems go off balance and die off (like the amazon). Every degree celsius creates more deserts, and more off balances, which further creates more deserts. Oh, and of course, the weather, on average, gets hotter (not that it is somehow impossible for there to be cold weather). When the ice caps grow during the winter (as they do every winter), that is not an indicator in the slightest that global warming in non-existent. What ultimately matters is the median ice cap fluctuations of the polar ice cap gathered from multiple data points over a long period of time (and split up the data into multiple sets to show the gradual change), not a single ice sheet expansion during the winter. From those data sets, it can be determined that on average, the ice sheets have been decreasing, and at an accelerating rate.

  • Global Warming is real

    Global Warming is real and very serious. Soon there will be no such thing as the north pole or ice or snow, if we keep treating this planet like this. The air is polluted, in other words hazardous to our health. Our atmoshphere is getting thinner and it is causing the greenhouse effect. It's when the sun rays go through to the earth, they never come back out. So it's like it comes in but can't come out (trapped). Causing snow and ice to melt, even penguins and polar bears can become extinct!.

  • Yes it definatley is.

    Have you seen the polar ice caps? They are melting WATERFALLS! It is definatley real and getting worse by the second. We are putting houses on ice with heating because we are so desperate for homes with a rapidly growing population. Gold miners are DESTROYING the ice mining for gold. Its not just pollution that is doing this people!

  • Yes, the world climate is already visibly changing

    The ice cap that floats on the Arctic Ocean grows smaller
    every year. Soon it will be possible for ordinary freighters to carry their
    cargoes around the north coast of Canada, as they have never done in recorded
    history. Countless glaciers are in full retreat, melting back towards their sources,
    exposing land that has not seen the sun for millennia. Tropical diseases are
    spreading into northern regions, and tropic storms are growing more violent,
    powered by the added thermal energy of warmer oceans. Global warming is already
    changing the world.

  • Bunch of crap

    If you think the world getting warmer is a problem- then you are just oblivious. If you have lived in America through this winter, you can see that the world is definatly not getting any warmer. It snowed in GEORGIA. Georgia never gets snow- i've lived there for 14 years. And with the glaciers melting- THEY HAVE BEEN MELTING, they have been melting for a while- because what happens when ice heats up? It melts. What happens when the air gets cooler? Ice will form them again! Thats the beauty of this world we live in!!! Global Warming always blows up- IN THE SUMMER. When it is hot. When that part of the earth is suppose to be hot. GLOBAL WARMING DOES NOT EXIST.

  • One Word.... Power

    Global Warming is just a cover up to get our tax dollars. To solve the melting ice thing is this.... The Arctics have 2 seasons. Roughly 6 months of day and roughly 6 months of night. What happens when the sun comes out? It gets warmer. What happens when it gets warmer? Ice melts. So, yeah, glaciers are melting. Like they always have periodically every year when the sun is out.
    2ndly... There are many honest, notable Scientists that disagree with global warming, and actually say we are experiencing a COOLING trend. You can check out some of these names on wikepedia here.

    I will say there is a problem with the atmospheric bilayer, but I have yet to see any dramatic changes in the weather, besides the crazy dropping in temperature in some areas in the US. :/

  • It is political control.

    No, global warming is not real, and it is just a bunch of scientists going to extremes, because of the political climate. The politicians want to find reasons to deny further industrialization, in an attempt to make the developed nations less rich and more socialist compared to the rest of the world. Scientists who go along with this ruse are given large grants to develop the so-called science behind it. Those scientists who have jumped on this bandwagon, and politicians like Al Gore, have done well for themselves, profiting off the business of junk science.

  • Not if you process the data

    Has Global Warming cased an increase in the hydrologic cycle beyond the 1900 to 1930 levels? No, and easily proven using NOAA precip data.

    Has the weather hydrologic cycle accelerated beyond normal? Yes, and it's after 2005, and has a clear cause that is not man made. Unless you believe it's super natural wrath of god in origin which its not.

    Is global warming causing acidification? Not exactly. The correlation of CO2 to PH is weak at best. However, we've probably had a bit of a hand in making them more alkaline, and in reverting some things the ocean has been reverting back to normal. However, volcanoes are also a major player so the blame is not solely ours. Then it became accelerated due to the same effect causing excess rain post 2005.

    If you wish to debate me be prepared for a data driven debate, and you may want to have access to all of NOAAs weather stations data.

    BOP is all mine. Just message me when you want.

  • Its just scientific baloney!

    Its so fake.This happens, like when the ice age came and it natural became hot again, so I think its only a natural cycle. If this did not happen then we might be in trouble,actually. Its only a myth, and will stay one. If we waste our time and worry about it then our lives are wasted. So go and live a non- worried life!

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