Is global warming the great moral crisis of our time?

  • A clear result of greed !

    When ones tries to analyse the major reasons behind global warming, it is clear that it is a result of an extensive usage of natural resources without giving it enough time to replenish, an almost barbaric way of utilizing the resources without thinking about the sustainability, and of course the selfish attitude of the homo-sapiens ignoring the needs of the future generations.

    While the present world is progressing at a dizzying speed, developing new locomotives, sucking up the last bit of oil, chopping off greenery for luxurious resorts, and filling all the running streams with garbage - one needs to halt for a minute and give a thought about the impact these actions would have in future. But of course, we wouldn't survive till then. Then why bother right?

    There is an urgent need to have a change in this very attitude. Each person should take it as their personal responsibility to do their for the earth. Because, morals is what distinguishes us from the other animals. Else, we can just survive instead of living, where life would just be a synonym for breathing, eating, excreting and mating !

  • Sorry tree huggers.... there is no global warming

    Just because they catch a couple polar bears floating off on an iceberg doesn't mean the polar ice caps are going to melt! The Earth has remained the same for thousands and thousands of years... why would that change now? By the way polar bears are bears... they can and will rip your body apart limb from limb if given the chance... don't feel bad for them.

  • It is an issue but,

    it is not really as bad as many activists make it seem. Global warming, and climate change in general, can cause a number of extreme changes that can cause untold damage, but these things take decades and centuries to cause and to fix. Yes, it is better to start now, as opposed to later, but this hardly makes it "the great moral crisis of our time," it is merely yet another issue that must be dealt with eventually, and it will. As technology advances to make it cheaper and more cost effective to produce CO2-free energy on large scales, the resistance to it will fade away and economic factors will actually begin to drive it. This will likely happen in the next 20 - 30 years and we will see things swing back over the next 100 to 200 years.

  • No I don't believe it is

    Studies have shown that when the government's global team started to research and record the data of global warming the world was coming out of the maunder minimum or little ice age and before that the earth entered the maunder maximum and this is a phenomenal cycle. At this time the vikings flourished so much that they began to move north. When the maunder minimum began to set in the vikings moved back south. Global Warming is not a crisis it is a cyclical phenomena where the earth warms and cools after every couple hundred or thousand years. Independent scientist have also shown that mother nature absorbs much of what we pump into it. Global Warming is not a crisis it is a cyclical phenomena where the earth warms and cools after every couple hundred or thousand years.

  • How is it even a moral issue?

    Natural weather phenomena, cannot be considered moral. Even if it were moral in nature it would hardly be the worst. We have genocide, torture, abortion, aggressive wars, all worse issues morally. I also don't get what fighting global warming has to do with peace i.e. Al Gore, Nobel Peace Lauriet.

  • Not when slavery still exists

    There are hundreds of thousands of slaves that still exist in the world, sexual and otherwise. This has been largely ignored and is just now starting to come into light. Global warming has been talked about for decades, coming up in the national conversation in spurts. You may be able to argue that it is a scientific crisis, as the data is becoming more and more prevalent, but the moral aspect of the conversation has been around for a long time.

  • Other issues have greater moral immediacy than global warming.

    Global warming is definitely a legitimate moral and environmental issue. Unfortunately, however, there are other issues that have more impending immediacy. Resource and food shortages, in particular, could mean that within a couple of decades, much of the world's population will not have food or fuel. Global warming is not yet as severe as these issues and, therefore, is not the great moral crisis of our time.

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