• Scientifically proven to be true.

    I do not really understand how people can argue over this. It has been scientifically proven. Why are people just denying its existence for no reason despite scientists knowing more about this subject than they do. If we continue to ignore it then their can be really bad consequences. .

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  • Of course it is

    Although some people still disagree it a very harmful substance. For example by the time that a new born baby reaches the age of 21 the whole earth could could go from 33% percentage of land to 15%of land unless we stop global warming now, if we don't the whole earth could be entirely water before the sun explodes

  • Yes. Global warming is true, but not like we are told.

    Yes. Global warming is a very real thing. Undoubtedly, man has played a role in speeding up the rate of global warming. The caveat to this is that I don't believe global warming is all man's fault like some would have you believe. The Earth has had hot and cold cycles throughout history. It is possible we're moving into a warm cycle. In 2,000 years someone will be preaching about global cooling.

  • Yes, global warming has been observed.

    The polar ice caps have begun melting. This is itself an indication of rising temperatures. Global warming has been vetted by the top scientists, including those in the climate field. While there may have been some exaggeration in the news, global warming has been scientifically verified as a threat to earth.

  • No, it's not real

    Global warming is not humans fault as the government would have you believe. It is actually caused by the aliens attempting to invade the planet. They want us to believe that we are ruining the planet so that we can change and make it better for them. Global warming is not humanities fault, don't do what they want, fight back.

  • Global warming is not true

    No, I do not think that global warming is true. I think that the earth has been regulating its own temperature, and humans have had very little if anything at all to do with global warming. Global warming has just been a get rich quick scheme for some people who got very rich.

  • No I don't think so

    Well, global warming is not caused by humans it has just occurred so yah it is not true and we should believe in truth global warming is a lie and we say that right, we shall prove it as fast as we can to stop it now and free world.

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