Is Globalism weakening America to maximize Profits for the very rich?

  • Our Politicians are OWNED by the Rich, And the Laws have changed to allow CHINA to overtake the U. S. For one simple reason, PROFITS.

    Globalism is just a word used to disguise what's really going on. The Very Rich (Big Business) pours BILLIONS into outright BUYING U. S. Politicians, Who in turn SELL OUT America. Manufacturing was GUTTED like a fish during the Obama years, And MILLIONS of Jobs LOST to China in the process. Who benefits. . . NOT the American People that's for sure. Just take a look at the economic divide between the VERY RICH and the rest of us, The very top (5%) now OWN (Have Stolen) SIXTY FIVE PERCENT of the Wealth in America. . . But Socialism isn't the "Answer" either, It would just give those in Power MORE POWER. The answer is TERM LIMITS, REAL CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS, And ENDING LOBBYISTS. Having a President like Donald Trump FIGHTING FOR AMERICANS instead of selling them out like Joe Biden wants to is a good start. REELECT President Trump, OR watch as the Dems SELL US OUT EVEN MORE.

  • Suckers like you made that happen

    Suckers like you are like hey lets give more tax breaks to the rich and make them more rich. Lets remove laws that were made to prevent the rich from becoming too powerful. Lets remove oversight of the rich.

    Then the rich people became so rich that they ended up buying the government. They send their businesses overseas and they create monopolies. They made China rich because of their actions.

    Then the most foolish thing was to vote Donald in. A man who hates poor people and said that he only likes how rich people. Someone who promised that he would fix America and rebuilt the decaying infrastructure and never did.

    This guy went around America found which bridges were in the most need of replacement and Trump ignored him for years. Trump would rather go golf and earn himself millions than to spend 1 cent in repairing America. He then said that the states needed to do it and that it would be local founding that did it. But when it came to giving money to big business including his own business he emptied the coffers and spent trillions on the rich.
    I could go all day explaining how Trump is a crook but I would waste my time explaining it to a sucker who only likes to be taken advantage of, Like some wife in an abusive relationship.

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