Is GM food a benefit to American life (yes) or should it be shunned (no)?

  • GM food is a benefit to American life.

    Genetically Modified foods are beneficial to people. They are more prosperous and stronger than traditional crops, and they allow people to eat more and healthier foods. Critics of Genetically Modified foods do not understand that science of how they are made. People should be more accepting of technology in the marketplace.

  • Yes, food is in short supply and GM food should be embraced.

    Genetically modified food should be embraced in America and around the world. The food supply of the world is dwindling, and the human population is growing. Within the next several generations, we will begin to see famine across the world. Genetically modified food is one of the only solutions we have to this; creating food that is bigger, more resilient, and in general more likely to make it on the plates of the hungry should be a top priority. Land for food production is in short supply as it is; we can't afford to waste it on producing inefficient crops such as organic food.

  • Yes, I think GM food is a benefit to American life.

    I think that while it will always be controversial that overall genetically modified food is perfectly fine and overall benefits everyone, I think that if a study was to come out and proved without a doubt that genetically modified food was more dangerous then organically grown food then we should ban it but until that is proven then I think it should be allowed to be sold.

  • Genetically modified food = bad, unhealthy and unnatural

    Genetically modified food should not be allowed in the US or anywhere, because of all of the chemicals being put in it and having the DNA of the plant changed. If scientists change the DNA of the plant to create its own pesticide, the insects won't eat it, but if a person takes it and eats it it can harm the person, because the chemical pesticide is poisonous for us humans.

    No, food is good without all of those unhealthy chemicals added to it. If they are not already in the food, then we don't need them, we should eat true natural foods. Not those foods people have 'improved'.

    'Improved' food is not improved, because no one knows what the long term consequences of these foods are, and of future generations, the environment and the animal kingdom.
    (what happens if a foods natural predator builds up immunity to the GM Gene, then what? A vicious cycle)

    In Europe, scientists conducted research about GM food and tested it on rats. For a 90 day period, they had two groups of rats, one group ate natural food, and the other group ate GM food. After the test, the rats that ate the GM food ended up fatter and eating more.

  • GM foods are a danger to health

    It is widely believed that GM foods have no place in our diet. Any food product that has been tampered with to "improve" it is likely to have long lasting harmful effects on our health and well-being. These foods have not been extensively tested over a long period of time to see what effect they have on us and until they have undergone serious extended trials, they are not fit for human consumption.

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