• With Aliens, there would still be infinite regression, God stops infinite regression.

    I believe in Aliens, but I do not think that Aliens created us. Aliens would be considered just like humans, that we are part of the creation of this universe, we are finite beings. Especially if you state that Aliens is plural, therefore, they have to be within the universe, and not outside.

    God is clearly the better answer, God being Omnibenevolent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent, these attributes can only be assigned to ONE and not many.

    Aliens cannot be the better answer because they would have to have created the universe, and that doesn't seem likely, because if they had, what created the Aliens? Note the plurality, there is MORE than ONE, therefore, you cannot apply the concept that Aliens were uncreated, they had to be.

    But God is One, and we have more proof of God and also personal experience with God to believe He does exist, and GOD would have created everything in this universe, including us humans and even Aliens.

  • Aliens created us but who created aliens

    I believe that aliens did create us, the Sumerian texts talk about them and so do all cultures around the world, but the aliens also need a creator who is eternal, only an eternal being could create the entire universe, otherwise it too would require an explanation, The God of the Bible and the Quran could be a finite alien, and the God of the universe could be an alien too, but it would have to be an infinite alien, which we call God,

    If aliens created us it would glorify God more.

    I believe there is a difference between God (all energy, all consciousness, everything that exists, and the gods (extraterrestrials in the ancient world) But I believe both exist.

  • It really depends on the question but yes

    In general. The traditional arguments for the existence of God do not demonstrate a race of aliens that created the universe, rather, they demonstrate the existence of an infinite cause of the universe. This could not be a race of aliens...According to those arguments. Now, I am not saying that those arguments are in fact good arguments, but I am saying that they do not lead to a race of aliens but a different kind of cause altogether.

    On the other hand, certain arguments for the existence of God might at least allow the possibility of an alien race doing the job. For instance, the "fine tuning" argument seems to show no preference for God, gods, or a race of aliens.

    So it really depends on the arguments. Traditional arguments, yes. Certain other arguments, not necessarily.

    PS this isn't about the God of Christianity or of the Bible but God as understood by all theists in the classical sense

    Posted by: Dmot
  • The theory of panspermia

    Is still a more logical theory than a personal and deceptive deity. Assuming this question is asking about Young Earth Creationism vs panspermia.

    The only logical inference one can possibly make about a deity is something so nebulous, it cannot be classified as a deity in the usual sense. Otherwise, it could contradict itself. Foreign life, aliens, even technologically advanced ones, have a high probability of existence given the uncountable number of galaxies in this universe and the billions of potential habitats in every galaxy.

  • Aliens probably do exist!

    There is no proof of God's ever existence neither as there is for aliens but the likelihood of aliens existing is much greater. Our galaxy is one of many in a gigantic universe. Considering the closest galaxy is over 300 light years away, it is close to impossible for us getting there or them finding us.

  • Creation by superior aliens is more likely than the god of the bible.

    The bible is just an man made storybook account of the lives of ancient people and how they dealt with one another.Why does there have to be a maximally powerful, knowing, loving, and Just god? Using Occam's Razor, a super race of aliens provides a simpler explanation. After you trim all the known allegory, myth, poetry and story we are left with little that an advanced civilization of aliens (even us in a couple of hundred years) couldn't fool ancient and ignorant man.

  • No. To be honest, I Think they're both equally wrong.

    Aliens just seem to kind of be a current fad. With how much god is being pushed further away from us due to our discoveries, facts, and technological advances, aliens just seem to kind of be the next religion, and the arguments in support of aliens in particular fall into the same pitfalls that religion does. Mainly, they both rely on this little trick:

    'X cannot be explained so it must be Y!'

    Basically, someone stumbles across something that cannot be explained, so the person in question instantly attributes it to some form of higher being. A good example is the sun, and how some people once believed that was god. Or, if you want a more modern example that works both ways, then it's how we came to be.

    'We were created by god!'

    'We were created by aliens!'

    They're both different breeds of the same flawed logical. Just because something cannot be explained, that does not mean that the act in question should automatically be attributed to some higher power.

    Honestly, I don't think it's either naivete or stupidity that drives people to this. I Think it's some kind of superiority complex. We take the world for granted, and some people just can't seem to be happy with just being a small part of a gigantic puzzle. No, humanity needs to be special. They need to be created with meaning, by some super being. Aliens, god, it's all the same. And really, I have a serious problem with this selfish behavior. Look at how many cows and foxes are slaughtered, and then go ahead and tell me whether or not their lives have meaning. And yet we demand for our own lives to hold meaning?

    Maybe it does. But if I'm sure of anything, it's that our lives hold no more value than the soil we stand on. Regardless of whether life has meaning or not. It doesn't matter what creature you kill. Humans, ants, birds, take away just one then the world completely changes.

  • Honestly, aliens are more likely.

    Though the alien panspermia idea is not currently supported by evidence, it is certainly more statistically likely than a supernatural deity. There are billions of stars, with tens of billions of planets in this universe. The chances that we are the only planet with life is incredibly small.

    The concept of supernatural deities is not only not supported by any evidence but is functionally ridiculous.

  • If you mean by answering the origin of life, then--

    Both answers are bad, and both commit the argument from ignorance fallacy. Although the ''aliens'' answer is just slightly better than the ''god'' answer, because the existence of aliens is heavily deduced in science. On the other hand, the only evidence for god is an anonymous ancient book.

    Just because we don't know exactly how life came to be, you shouldn't say ''aliens did it'' or ''god did it''. Yes, humans are uncomfortable with the unknown, but making up convenient baseless answers isn't the way to go.

  • Space is Huge!

    People keep blah blah blahing about renowned deity God (look up renouned author Dan Brown if you don't get that), and how there are no aliens, but... Space is huge.

    It keeps expanding, and expanding, getting bigger and bigger, having more and more stars supernova, and evolving more and more. We're just one tiny planet, in one tiny solar system, in one tiny galaxy, with billions of stars, planets, moons, etc all around us. There is no way we're the only ones.

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