• Process of elimination says yes

    Well, the good book is pretty explicit that God is not a man (Numbers 23:19, 1 Samuel 15:29). If God is not a man, then the only thing she could be is a woman. Of course you could deny that God has any gender at all, but then it wouldn't make sense that the Bible says God is not a man without also saying that God is not a woman. Why single out the lack of maleness in God if not to imply that God is female instead?

  • Yes and No

    Everything feminie and everything masculine is from God.......God has both qualities and is the originator of both aspects......According to the Vedas, The spirit is the male aspect of God and is the superior nature and the material energy is the feminine aspect, and is also the feminie aspect.... When the spirit inpregnates matter, it then becomes annimated and so begins the dance of the material cosmic manifestation.

  • Yes woman god

    First there was 0 witch means infinity (no start no finish)that is why it is a circle.This woman god was trapped and alone for infinity so the first creation was made witch is the number 1 witch is a single line witch means it has a start and a finish.It is the first light in the unerverse.This is the man god that created everything.This is also lucifer who was jealous of the fact that that he had a start and a finish and 0 lived forever.0 gave lucifer witch is the number 1 the power to create the universe.He created all light and created us ,he is half positive half negitive .0 knew that if she created the the number one with a start and finish that 1 would be corrupt .1 then created everything because it was tryn to be like 0 and created us in his image and made men more dominant then woman and created religion to worship a man (him) when this corruption was created it gave the number one the ability to create us with a choice to be good or bad witch was her plan because she grew lonely stuck in infinity and when 1 created everything his half good side loved 0 and didnt want his mother trapped alone in infinity and returns all true positive souls that are true after they live and die and can be judged truly only by him who knows what good and bad truly r, back to his mother for eternal life with goddess so she is not alone anymore.

  • Unique L NYC

    God is short for Goddess. And yes God is a women. She lives in New York City. She is the Queen of Queens. Her Birth Place is in Kings County Brooklyn and she is only 29 years old. She is has 3 angels on earth with her and she an Aquarius and loves the color purple and the scent of lavender.

  • God is a Woman because...

    God is a Woman, not only in the amazing and great Ariana Grande song, but she used proof in the Bible verse that came with it. I think this verse taken directly from the Bible itself will give you the answer you need.

    "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my sisters and you will know my name is the lord."

  • God is a Woman

    Actually, this fictional character that nobody has ever seen or has any evidence of, and who is originating from a book written 2000 years ago by sheep keepers (oh the irony!), is most definitely a woman. Anybody who thinks otherwise is delusional and will call you a liberal scourge. Amen.

  • If we take a look at features such as empathy or possibilities such as giving birth...

    The major challenges brought to the dogma by Jesus seem to revolve around a morality of love (with various associations, such as empathy or forgiveness). The proposition makes the divine more closely associated with the feminine (unfortunately, that is the case, wish it was more balanced myself, but a glance at any crime statistics makes it difficult to maintain otherwise). Or to be more exact, the proposition suggests the pathway to salvation is feminine. So, sure, one can still assume God is male, but that could be argued as incoherent.
    Then you've got creation, a process that is assigned to the feminine to a much greater extent in humans- e.G just for the physical aspect, we have sperm input (male) to growing fetus inside body, giving birth, breast feeding (female). With the gender division of labor, women also have more input in non-physical aspects of child rearing (education and so forth).

  • No, God is most definitely NOT a woman.

    The liberal scourge is at it again. There is absolutely nothing remotely feminine about our Lord God almighty. Just because a large section of the population wants to believe that God is female, doesn't make it true. The Bible even says that God is a man who fathered a son. How can a woman be a father?

  • Nope, Because God Isn't Real.

    God is not a woman. God is also not man. There is no evidence of anything like a god or gods in our universe. We don't have enough proof to make assertions about the existence of a god. This means we have even less reason to assert anything about the gender of a god.

  • God is neither a man or a woman

    God is neither a man nor a woman. God is just an all-powerful entity or existence, Whatever floats your boat. Despite the fact that God is referred to as Father God, He, Etc, God is shown to be a spiritual entity or existence. To sum it up, God is neither a woman or a man, But purely an entity or an existence.

  • God exhibits male personality but is not physically male.

    When the Bible says that God is not a man it is not referring to his gender, but what he is. The Bible constantly uses masculine pronouns in reference to God because these he exhibits a masculine/fatherly personality, also as the father is the head of a Godly household so he is the head of the community of believers. God is spirit so there is nothing physically male or female about him, but he is male in other ways.

  • As those before me God doesn't have a gender

    Our minds can't comprehend the unlimited power of God and his existence some people can't you don't just say Gods a woman it's just an unneeded conversation to make Christianity to look sexist look at that magical book that says all the answers to everyone's questions on the Catholic Church the catechism

    Posted by: ATF
  • Why do i care what the bible says?

    It's just a book. In harry potter and the deathly hallows, they arent supposed to say "voldemort" because then he will know where you are. That doesnt mean that i beleive that to be true and base my life on that belief. Also, it's impossible for EVERYTHING said in the bible to be true because so many passages contradict eachother. Now let's assume, even though impossible, that everything in the bible is true; saying god isnt a man doesnt mean god is a woman. It could be a sheep, a chicken, a penis, anything.

  • NO! God is niether amn nor woman!!-Sally Chubb

    In the bible, it tell us Jesus was born a man. But in Heaven, God is God, he doesn't have a gender. Since we humans HAVE to give God a gender, we give God Male gender because that what he was on earth and because humans are sinful and thing that men are superior, and since God id superior to everything, he is male.

  • My Chromosome Logic

    God is purely a spiritual entity. A woman is born with the XX chromosome. It is our bodies that have the chromosomes, not our souls. If that is the case, and God is not a physical being, then he must not have chromosomes, therefore rendering it invalid to believe that He may be a woman.

  • God is not a woman or man.

    God has no gender, God is just God. God represents all of humanity in one person and is a mirror image of everyone. For example each person in this world is a piece of God ,but not God themselves. If all the people in the world got together it would make the shape of God it would represent him. God is God.

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