• Yes. He is real.

    Yes. God is real. God is very wonderful person who created us. How do you think we got hear? Where do you think you go when you die? To heaven of coarse! I don't have proof but do you believe in salt? Yes of course! You have a salt shaker that you season with your food! But what is it? You can't explain it. Same with god. You can't explain god but you know he's real. You can't explain salt but you know its real!

  • You have to experience it

    No, God's not going to relocated the Alps to the Sahara Desert to prove Himself. That goes against His MO. God asked for faith in Him ...... That's all. Proving Himself would mean something like the Alp thing & people would definitely believe, but for what reason? Surely not faith & most likely out of fear. It's almost impossible to get someone to believe just by explaining what goes on when a person really believes in God. But I can say from experience, that some very cool things happen, like out of nowhere things go your way for no apparent reason, or a flaw in your character (cussing, tailgating cars, self-righteousness, impatience, etc) just one day they seem to either disappear or greatly improve, thereby improving one's character. Yep, one morning I got up & just did not cuss anymore ....... For no apparent reason when I used to cuss all the time. I did ask for that or anything like that ..... Just didn't do it anymore. You may not think that's big or supernatural, but then what's the explanation? & when we start having more patience & improving our character other things fall into place in our lives. Thing is, I tried b4 & it didn't work. One day I sincerely asked for God's help & things changed & my faith in Him continued to grow. Ya see, we give a little in our hearts & God gives a lot to us. That's my personal real life proof. I can't expect any non believer to accept that as reality or proof cuz it seems like coincidence ........ But is it really? Not by my standards, & I am sure other believers would say the same. Jesus said all it takes it the smallest of faith & God starts the ball rolling. Thing is, we have to initiate the process thru a little heart to heart with Him.

  • Yes and no.

    Im not a jew i do believe god is real and what he did was real but i dont believe that he is our "leader" we have no leader we aren't robots,We dont have a destiny we just do some people think to much of it god is real as a person and what he did was but he isnt our leader there is no leader.

  • I seriously don't know what to believe

    There has to be a point in time where all believers of god have doubted his existence, but then have somehow succumbed to the ways of their religion and have either somehow found reason to prove his exsistence or have quietly followed the people around them not wanting to be left out.

    I for one could not put so much trust and faith into something or someone whos only proof of exsistence is in written in a book from hundreds of years ago and can not be proven in the physical world

  • Be realistic, no offence Christians or other God-believing religions

    Despite my being a Taoist (who believes in a person who is similar or is God for Chinese people) is God actually real? I'm going to be blunt, srry. Humans are made of cells, blood, whatever etc. Who knew Jesus was real in the first place? Photos, research? Again, sorry Christians

  • No, God or Jesus does not exist.

    Where do i think we go when we die? That's why it's called death. Your entire life is over. There is no such thing as someone who has super powers who can create humans. How was "god" created? Right, impossible. There is no suck thing. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble. But it's life.

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