Is God all-forgiving if he sends people to hell?

Asked by: thp078
  • Hell is not God's decision, it is man's

    God offers men the choice to believe and follow Him or else to hate him and oppose Him. People misconceive the parameters of Heaven and Hell. Heaven is the reward of being in God's presence eternally. Hell is the reward of being in His absence eternally. If man in his life cannot stand the notion of being in God's presence, than it would be sorer punishment to force man to stay in His presence for eternity against His will, would it not? God is not wrong for honoring man's choice either way they decide. But God also does not turn anyone away who comes to Him for forgivenes. His offer is always extended to the willing. On this ground, I say that Hell is a cconsequence man brings on himself by his own decision.
    As C.S. Lewis correctly observes: " There are only two kinds of people. There are those who bend their knee to God and say to Him thy will be done. And there are those who refuse to bend their knee to God to whom God says they will be done.
    The doors of hell are locked from the inside, not from without. Hell accepts no prisoners, only volunteers. God sent His Son to die on the cross to sway men's choice because their sins could be forgiven in Him through His sacrafice. What then has He not done for men that He should be made guilty for man's choice to refuse Him?

  • God is love

    God has given people the freedom to choose between good and evil. People must be held accountable for their actions for that is the only way justice can be dispensed. If there isn't a judgement where justice is dispensed, then life is miserable as many would have gotten away with injustice, and what hope would there be for those who have been denied justice. Now, in speaking of hell, it is a place where people will be left to their demons, to their destruction. Forever is in the sense that they will be consumed by their evil. Of course, any one can approach God for second chance, because God is love and always merciful.

  • I have a question for you.

    Are laws wrong because they send people to jail? Should people be allowed to do whatever they want with no consequences, even when in doing so, they did harm to others and to themselves?
    The laws are there for a reason. To make society possible and avoid wrongs. If we accept ever changing human laws, why wouldn't we accept millenary, time proven ethics that work for everyone?
    Also, you can still choose what you want to do, knowing beforehand what will happen if you go down that path. These rules are clear from the start, there are not small letters, and you know exactly the fate of your choice. Yes, that is. It's your choice. It is not God who is sending you to hell, it is you who are doing it. You send yourself to heaven or hell.
    Talking about this moral code, they are simple, permanent and natural rules, intended to make us, and everyone else, happy. It is not God enforcing these ethics on you. They are the base of society.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • You make your own choices.

    You make your own decisions, therefore your sin is your fault. If you won't accept the one way of redemption, then your own eternal suffering is also your fault. Free will is why you shouldn't cast blame on God. Therefore, God does not send you to hell, you send yourself. Hell was created for the fallen, the fallen believed that they knew what was best for themselves. This self satisflying way of life disagrees with God's way of life. I believe that they are to be an example for us, to show that a selfish mindset will only result in unhappiness and misery for all. We should trust that the Creator knows what is best for us. An example is already provided for those who would question his judgment.

  • Question: Can you forgive someone and still punish them?

    Answer: Yes. Of course you can. You can forgive a murderer but still send him to jail. You can forgive a pupil in the class you teach for vandalism of school property but still give them a detention. Therefore, it goes to show that God can forgive somebody but still send them to hell. He can't have people who are less than perfect in his most holy place. It just isn't possible.

  • There is a

    Common misconception by many Christians and non Christians that Hell is a never-ending place of pure torture when this cannot be the case. David said that if he were to make his bed in hell, God would be there. God is Love. God is omnipresent, and if God is Love then Love is omnipresent: even in hell. The Bible says that one day every single knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. What happens when we do that while we're here on earth? We are no longer in danger of Hell's torment; therefore, when the sinning soul in Hell finally realizes that all his anguish is a direct result of denying God's headship and he bends his knee and confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord, that torment can no longer exist. Hell then becomes a place of peace for that soul because the sin in his heart/soul is no longer there to fight against the over-powering Love of God. So, Hell isn't a place where sinners will go to live in complete, un-redeemable torture for ever and ever and ever...It's a place where there is no concept of time, but once the soul confesses, the torment is over. So, can an all-forgiving God send people to hell? It's a bit of a false premise because people choose their own eternal abodes, but God's Love, which is omnipresent, and Forgiveness IS still all and ever-present even after a soul goes to hell.

  • Yes, the derision to send a preson

    To hell is not up to god. He will give you two options on everything you do and you are allowed to pick what you want and based on those choices is where it is determined if you are going to hell or heaven. Overall i am saying is that it is mans decision if he will end up in hell or heaven.

  • Yes, Because People Freely Choose Their Fate

    God is indeed all forgiving, if people ask to be forgiven. However, God also gives
    his creatures the right to choose. Since people have free will, the ability to choose
    their own fates, they freely choose what will happen to them after they die. If God
    removed the right to choose, human beings would be merely puppets, acting out
    a play according to God’s script. According to Christian doctrine, everyone is free
    to choose heaven. If they humbly ask him, God will forgive their sins so they can
    go there.

  • Many people would stop commiting wrong actions with the knowledge that hell exists.

    By stopping all these people from commiting crime, there would be less suffering. Sending a few people to hell is better than many people conniting crime. Furthermore, according to most religions it is very easy to avoid hell, since god forgives most actions. Although it doesnt mean god forgives everything.

  • Of course not.

    While this is hypothetical since there is no evidence said god exists, the entire concept of "hell" precludes an "all forgiving" deity. The idea that humans inherently deserve eternal punishment just for the "crime" of being human, and that this punishment is earned regardless of the quality of human being you are unless you bow down to the "right" deity, is tyrannical.

  • No, He is not.

    God does not forgive unconditionally. One has to repent of all of their sins and accept Jesus to be forgiven. That is not a free for all though, but we are saved by grace through faith, not by works. I said hip hop, hippy to the hip hip you don't stop, rock it to the bang bang boogey up jump the beat.

  • God, if it exists and is all powerful, must be the cause of people going to hell

    No one “sends themselves to hell”, there is that quote that I generally agree with, “with great power comes great responsibility”, so too with infinite power comes infinite responsibility. If you can do anything than everything that happens is necessarily your fault. So god must send people to hell and hell is fundamentally unjust, not just unforgiving. So, god is unjust and unforgiving.

  • If you punish for eternity then you are ipso facto not all forgiving.

    There is no true forgiveness in the Christian deity. Forgiveness is something that is given freely. What this thing wants is your obsequious begging for its favor and that's all that will save you. You must repent of your sins and sincerely ask for forgiveness, but only it knows if you're being sincere or not. No, that fictional bully boy is anything but all forgiving. Hell, he destroyed everyone in the world but his favorite drunk and family because they were supposedly not worshiping him enough or in the right way.

  • He's not all-forgiving but rather a sadistic beast.

    God may have given man the freedom to choose from right or wrong, but it's safe to say that within the boundaries of logic and reason, there is nothing a human being can do that can warrant a punishment of conscious torment in fire and brimstone. Major sins like murder? Maybe... But being sent to hell for simple crimes like disbelief or blasphemy are ridiculous. Do you really think that the creator of this entire Universe. The galaxies, black holes, and stars is worthy of any praise if he is infatuated by the moral behaviour of some 7 billion hairless apes on a speck of dust? Does this "all-forgiving God" not have any other civilized and humane way of punishing sinful human beings?
    Would you consider your parents all forgiving if they punished you by burning you with a flamethrower? I think most people would beg to differ.

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